Learn about the kinetic wireless door sensor and where can it be installed

In the smart home we learned before, we will know that there will be many smart products in a complete set of smart home devices. One of these smart products is a kinetic wireless door sensor device. A preliminary understanding of the door magnetic sensor, we usually think that this is the installed door, not a very important tool. Still, we want to tell you that although the door magnetic sensor is small, it can have multiple functions.

The door magnetic sensor consists of two parts, the big part is a signal transmitter, and the small part is a permanent magnet. When there is a misalignment between the permanent magnet and the transmitter, an alarm is automatically triggered and a signal is sent to the user’s mobile phone for prompting.

Learn about the kinetic wireless door sensor and where can it be installed

After understanding its working principle, the editor will take you to understand where the door magnetic sensor can be installed to play its role.

1. The entrance gate

Fix the door sensor on the door body and the door frame separately, so that you can know at any time whether the door is closed, when someone opens the door and forgets to close the door, you can set it to alarm working mode when you go out. When a stranger breaks in, the alarm information will be pushed directly.

2. Balcony windows

Parents with children can fix the door sensor on the window. When the child opens the window, the APP will remind them in time to avoid danger to the child.

3. chest of drawers

If there are important documents and materials in the drawer at home or in the office, the door sensor can be arranged in the drawer position, and when someone opens the drawer, they can know in time.

4. Safe

Nowadays, safes with WIFI networking alarms are rare. The door sensor can be arranged inside the safe. In addition to the alarm prompt, the smart gateway can also accurately record when the safe is opened each time.

5. Refrigerator

Have you ever encountered a situation where the refrigerator door is forgotten to be closed tightly? Place the door magnetic sensor on the side of the refrigerator door, if it is not closed after a certain period of time, let the APP prompt.

Learn about the kinetic wireless door sensor and where can it be installed

It should be reminded that during use, it must be placed within the signal receiving range of the smart gateway to be effective. Door magnetic sensors can basically be applied to objects that need to be opened and closed, and you can also discover more practical ways.

Ebelong D1 kinetic wireless door sensor with a controller doesn’t need batteries, which can save you lots of trouble. It can automatically turn on the light after sensing that the door is opened, and automatically turn off the light after sensing that the door is closed. Equipped with Ebelong smart doorbell gateway, it can realize more home smart applications.

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