Self-generated switch TUYA smart home platform perfectly support

TUYA smart home platform, Ebelong self-generated switch TUYA smart home platform perfect support, but also support other platform protocols, more welcome to learn more.

Self-generated switch Huawei smart home platform perfectly support

Self-generated switches do not need to chisel the wall wiring, have no batteries, have easy multi-control, IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, voice, and cell phone APP control, are simple installation, easy to use.

Want to do a smart home, how about the Doodle platform?

As a smart home enthusiast, Doodle is really good. And some other smart home brands are actually less recommended to choose from, in fact, they are mainly doing automation of lighting, curtain, and other systems, not intelligence.

Self-generating switches are placed everywhere

To do a smart home first consider which platform to choose, Doodle, Huawei, Ali Intelligence, home kit, or Xiaomi. For the moment choosing the platform, also means choosing the subsequent products that can be accessed to achieve more intelligent linkage play.

Embryo house plan to start the renovation

If you are in the state of the embryonic house, then congratulations, you have greater selectivity, all the platforms are available for selection.

Finished house, old house renovation.

Friends in this stage also want to do smart home, selective will be smaller, and want to achieve the smart play will also be less. Refurbished houses or old houses are basically single firewires, so you can choose Ebelong single firewire smart switch. No need to change the line can be transformed, but also with a wireless kinetic switch to achieve multiple control, simple and convenient.

Wireless has three connection methods WIFI, Zigbee, and Bluetooth mesh.

Zigbee protocol is more stable compared to the Zigbee gateway, but need to access the Zigbee gateway, the actual use of our smart switch is the use of frequency too high, so be sure to choose a good switch, the self-generated switch is good.

In the planning of the circuit, mainly for the wiring of the switch, there are two types of wiring, respectively, single firewire and zero firewires.

Self-generating switch IP67 level waterproof

However, Ebelong self-generated switch is no wiring, if the old line is quickly modified, you can use a single-fire switch and zero-fire switch, which is also a smart switch, after the self-generated switch to do expansion to form a multi-control, very convenient.

The TUYA smart home is more stable compared to the more perfect with self-generated switches, more advantages welcome attention to understanding, thank you!

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