Wireless kinetic switches are widely used in smart homes

Why are wireless kinetic switches widely used in smart homes? It can be seen literally that smart home is integrated into the home control scene with technology and intelligence, and wireless kinetic energy switch is also part of the realization of smart home.

wireless switch and smart home

Because the wireless kinetic energy switch does not need to open the wall to bury the pipe and wire the process, and does not need to install the battery, it is the kinetic energy generated at the moment when our hands press the switch button, and it becomes electric energy under the conversion of the internal collection module of the switch. Then it is converted into a signal sent out to control the lamps.

self-powered switch and controller

Among them, it saves wire and labor costs, reduces the pollution of dust and noise generated by wall chiseling, and gives us a relatively quiet and environmentally friendly house decoration environment.

Smart home dimming

What are the conveniences of home life that the wireless kinetic energy switch brings us?

1. The position of the light switch can be moved at any time (just paste it), or it doesn’t need to be fixed, just put it on the desktop;

2. The switch does not touch strong electricity, fires and protects against electricity, which guarantees personal safety;

3. Voice and remote control can be realized;

4. Easily realize modification and installation, dual control and multiple control;

S2 self-powered switch is placed on the desktop at will

Ebelong’s wireless kinetic switch is very suitable for applications in smart homes. It supports customization to meet local usage standards and retains your usage habits. Thanks for reading!

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