Smart home applications promoted by wireless kinetic switch manufacturers

As a wireless kinetic switch manufacturer, Ebelong uses micro-energy harvesting and self-powered technology to develop a wireless light switch. This switch can not only change your lighting control, make your home life more intelligent, and make your outdoor lighting control more user-friendly, but maybe you can also Change your career development, why do you say that?

Smart home applications promoted by wireless kinetic switch manufacturers

1. How does the wireless kinetic switch make your home life more intelligent and convenient?

(1) The kinetic energy switch part does not need to chisel the wall wiring, which makes the wall more firm and beautiful;

(2) The kinetic switch does not need to use batteries, and there is no trouble in replacing batteries and disposing of waste batteries in the later stage;

(3) Easily realize dual-control, multi-control, and sub-regional wireless control;

(4) Support Tuya, Huawei HiLink, and other platform protocols, and voice and mobile APP control is easy;

(5) The position of the wireless switch can be unfixed or pasted in a position that is very suitable for you. If you find that the position is not ideal, you can change it at any time. Of course, you can also choose the installation position of the screw-fixed switch;

(6) The realization of the Internet of Things makes common household appliances intelligent;

(7) It has the function of home security;

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch manufacturers

2. How does the wireless kinetic switch make the outdoor lighting control more user-friendly?

(1) Outdoor lighting can be controlled in different areas;

(2) The installation of the wireless kinetic energy switch is very flexible;

(3) Support voice and mobile APP to control lighting;

(4) It also supports timing light control;

(5) The light will automatically turn on when the support person approaches, and it will automatically turn off when the person leaves;

(6) The wireless kinetic energy switch does not need wiring and does not need batteries, and has IP67 waterproof, high safety, and Anti-electric shock;

Wireless kinetic switch supports mobile APP wireless control

3. How can a wireless kinetic switch manufacturer make a difference in your business?

As a new type of product, the wireless kinetic energy switch does not require wiring or batteries and has the advantages of wireless intelligent control. It has more than 300 invention patents and several quality certifications.

How does it relate to your business?

(1) Our company’s wireless self-generating products can provide bulk OEM and ODM customization, provide products that meet your local usage habits, and provide better products for smart homes;

(2) Cooperation with brand owners;

(3) regional distribution agency cooperation;

(4) Cooperation in the combination of industry applications;

(5) Cooperation on smart home solutions.

About these products and cooperation methods launched by Ebelong wireless kinetic switch manufacturers, interested partners, if you want to know more detailed information, welcome to consult!

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