Wireless kinetic switch gives you a minimalist and high-quality experience

At present, minimalism is prevalent. As more and more young people invest in the business of buying a house, minimalist culture has also been brought into house decoration. Ebelong A1 wireless kinetic switch was born for the minimalist culture, passive wireless, no battery, conjoined panel, can be installed on the wall and can be removed.

Wireless kinetic switch gives you a minimalist and high-quality experience

Ebelong A1 wireless kinetic switch is based on a self-powered module, which collects the tiny kinetic energy generated by fingertip pressing to generate electricity, and transmits signals to control the light. There is no need to open the wall to connect wires, let alone battery power supply, subvert people’s perception of traditional switches, break through various restrictions on use and modification, and simplify the installation process of switches to only need to use 3M glue to stick on a flat and smooth surface.

wireless kinetic switch glued to glass

The outer shell of the A1 wireless kinetic switch has no gaps, and dust cannot enter. Always keep the home environment clean and tidy. It also has IP67-rated water resistance. Under normal temperature, immersion in 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes will not have any effect on the normal use of the switch. Even in humid environments such as outdoors, in kitchens, and in bathrooms, the A1 wireless kinetic energy switch can function stably. The unique key design makes the pressing lighter and quieter at night, without disturbing the family’s drowsiness at any time. The switch’s conjoined panel allows multiple switches to be placed side by side at the same time, which can not only control the lights centrally but also unify the overall home aesthetic. The switch installed on the conjoined panel can also be removed, and when it is held in the hand or placed in different positions such as the head of the bed or the table, the control of the light can also be easily realized, flexible, and free, unfettered. The simple and large panel with a unique design without borders perfectly fits the simple, atmospheric industrial style, MUJI style, and other decoration styles.

wireless kinetic switch multi-button for living room

Ebelong has been focusing on the research and development of wireless kinetic energy technology and products for more than ten years. It has a patented moat and a complete production line to provide high-quality and reliable products and services. Ebelong’s OEM and ODM business has brought the convenient experience of passive wireless products from various integrators to a vast number of users, realizing cost reduction and efficiency improvement of projects, user comfort and convenience, and environmental cleanliness. Create a reliable and high-quality brand image for you with the high-quality products of Ebelong.

wireless kinetic switch in bathroom
Easy to install wireless kinetic switch
Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

Ebelong adheres to the concept of low-carbon energy saving, deeply cultivates the research and development of passive wireless products, and constantly polishes the details of each product, aiming to provide each user with the best user experience. We look forward to working with you to build a passive wireless green future world for consumers.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch manufacturer
Wireless kinetic switch

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