Decorate your home with ambience

As it is close to the new year, it’s time once more to think about how to make our home as warm and comfortable as possible. But we’re not just talking good sofa, we’re talking mood lighting. Buying the lights is a great first step, but if you want to get the most out of any LED setup, a good controller is an essential piece to creating dazzling displays.

Decorate your home with ambience - smart switch

Unlocking an array of ambiences, this industry-leading light bulb allows users to set the perfect tone for their home. With 16 million colors to choose from, homeowners will be able to select the perfect shade to suit their mood. So whether you’re feeling blue, or fifty shades of gray, you’ll never be lamenting the lack of color options to accompany your daily, and nightly, activities.  

By combining your RGB lighting with Ebelong’s smart switch and new ERC2205-W controller, you can unlock an extra layer of functionality to bring the utmost ease and convenience to your lifestyle. With this controller, you are the artist and the controller is your palette, so go crazy and brighten up the place. Create an ambiance that will have a lasting impact on those who see it, and make them eager to return for more.

Decorate your home with ambience

Our wireless, battery-free switches can control up to 100 lamps simultaneously with controller connection, and can be placed anywhere in the home. And you won’t need to purchase an additional Smart Home Hub to get it working. Just ensure the paring is done between switch and controller will be OK.

We understand that future-minded homeowners want to achieve a modern look with their fixtures and fittings, which is why we’ve maintained our commitment to providing stylish, minimalistic aesthetics, alongside the smart technology.

wireless switch and smart controller

With the winter months fast approaching, it’s time to ready your home for the cosy domestic months ahead. It’s time to achieve that interior ambience you’ve always been wanting.

– Vincent

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