Controllers For LED– control options for RGB/RGBW strip lights

Which RGB LED controller should I use? What’s the right choice for my project?

When it comes to controlling your RGB LED strip, there is a range of options – each offering a choice of many different controllers. If you decide to control your RGB LED strip via the DMX protocol, for example, you can use any DMX LED controller. This will give you a choice of hundreds of control units.

While there’s no definitive ‘best’ way to manage RGB LED strip installations in general, there will certainly be the best and most cost-effective choice for your particular project. The right RGB LED controller for you will largely depend on two factors:

Controllers For LED– control options for RGB/RGBW strip lights

1. The size of your project

If you have a small project (using just a single transformer), this simplifies your choice of RGB LED controller options. You should avoid systems like DMX, 0-10v, or DALI controllers – as these are primarily designed for bigger projects, with multiple zones or areas. Instead, you’ll want something you can use straight away – like RF/WIFI/ZIGBEE controller.

If you have a large project (30 LED strips, each with its own transformer, for example) then the opposite is true. You’ll need a control system that can manage multiple areas, such as DALI or DMX. These range from simple-to-use controllers, through more complex DMX control desks and laptop-based software – all the way up to DALI controller systems able to control large buildings.

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2. The type of RGB LED controller you are looking for

If you’re looking for a fancy wireless touch-button LED controller, then you’ve already started to narrow down your choices by excluding wired controllers. There are many types of RGB LED controllers to choose from–including wireless remotes, single and multi-channel controllers.

So in simple terms…

For small projects – choose RF/WIFI/ZIGBEE LED controller or inline LED controller

For large projects – choose from 0-10v / DMX / DALI controllers

Can I control my RGB/RGBW LED strip from my iPhone / Android phone using an app?

Yes, you can. The EBELONG RF/WiFi/ZIGBEE led controller works with your WiFi network – so you can control your LED strip anywhere in range, using any phone running the App. It is very easy to use. It will let you control multiple zones/areas, select color scrolls, full dimming, and set multiple colors.

Wireless kinetic switch supports mobile APP control

What is the difference between single-channel and multichannel?

Choosing a single-channel LED controller means you’ll have just one lighting control channel – so every RGB LED strip linked to that controller will be synchronized together.

With a multichannel LED controller, you’ll be able to manage multiple channels (zones or areas) independently of each other – how many zones depends on the type of controller.

Even with a multi-zone LED controller, you may sometimes want to synchronize all zones together. Most multi-zone controllers have the option to do this.

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What RGB controllers do you offer?

EBELONG’s range includes a variety of RGB LED controllers, such as PWM/0-10V/Triac, Tuya RF/WIFI/ZIGBEE, single color/CCT controllers for home automation. (contact us for more information).

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