Building automation system wireless kinetic switch flexible application which

The application of technology in life is quite mature nowadays, and the wireless kinetic switch of building automation system is flexibly applied in it, which makes building intelligent control more simple and easy to realize, easy to use, easy to install, easy to Ebelong wireless kinetic switch without wiring, without battery, easy to multi-control, IP67 level waterproof, anti-touch, wireless intelligent control and other advantages, supporting OEM and ODM customization.

Building automation system wireless kinetic switch flexible application which

The purpose of designing a system for building an automation system

The main purpose of designing a building automation system is to analyze, categorize, process and judge the information of various electromechanical equipment in the building, adopt the most optimal control means, and centralize monitoring and management of each system equipment, so that each subsystem equipment always operates in an orderly, coordinated, efficient and orderly state; in an efficient, comfortable and safe working environment created, reduce the systems In the creation of an efficient, comfortable and safe working environment, reduce the cost of each system, try to save energy consumption and daily management costs, to ensure the full operation of the system, so as to improve the high level of modern management and services of intelligent buildings, so that the investment can get a good return. Building mechanical and electrical equipment monitoring systems, as a very important part of the intelligent building automation system, is responsible for the centralized detection and control of mechanical and electrical equipment in the whole building, to ensure the normal operation of all equipment and to achieve the best state.

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What is the building automation system?

Building an automatic control system consists of the following parts.

1、Monitoring of building equipment operation management, including

(1) monitoring of the HVAC system (HVAC);

(2) Water supply and drainage system monitoring;

(3) power supply and distribution and lighting system monitoring

2, fire alarm and fire control, elevator operation control

3, public safety technology prevention, including.

(1) television monitoring system.

(2) burglar alarm system.

(3) entrance and exit control and access control systems.

(4) security personnel patrol system.

(5) integrated management system for car storage.

(6) all kinds of important warehouse prevention facilities.

(7) security broadcasting information system.

Building automation system functions.

(1) to develop strategies for the management, scheduling, operation, and control of the system.

2, access to data and control of the parameters.

3, management, scheduling, monitoring, and control of the operation of the system.

4、Displaying data, images, and curves of the system operation.

5、Printing all kinds of reports.

6、To carry out historical records of system operation and trend analysis.

7、Statistics of equipment running time, equipment maintenance, maintenance management, etc.

wireless kinetic switch
Building automation system wireless kinetic switch flexible application which

The building automation system adopts Ebelong wireless kinetic switch, which is wiring-free, battery-free, wireless intelligent control, easy to install, convenient to use, IP67 level waterproof, and better effect on the controller and gateway.

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