Q2 wireless kinetic doorbell self-powered products

1. product description

1.1 brief introduction

Built in micro-enery acquisition module, Q2 wireless kinetic doorbell features self-powered technology, no battery is required. It converts mechanical energy pressed by finger into electrical energy, activating the wireless signal transmission. Communication mode is RF, no wire is required, doorbell receiver comes with multiple ringtones and adjustable sound volume.

1.2 product picture

Q2 wireless kinetic doorbell self-powered products

2. Features

2.1 receiver buttons instruction

Q2 self-powered doorbell receiver buttons instruction

2.2 pairing method for receiver and transmitter

long press on “pairing” button of receiver for three seconds, when the indicator flashes slowly, press selected switch to get both units paired. Indicator goes off that means pair succeeds.

2.3 silent mode

Hold the music button for about 8 seconds, the indicator from receiver will flash then light on, loose the figner after it the light stays on, receiver enter to silent mode. To cancel the silent mode, repeat the above operation.

2.4 Erase paring

Press and hold the music button for about 12 seconds, the receiver indicator will flash and light on and then go off. Loose your finger after it goes off,  now doorbell memory has been erased,. It needs to pair with new transmitters to work.

3. specification

Q2 wireless kinetic doorbell parameters table

4. dimension

Q2 self-powered doorbell launcher
Q2 wireless kinetic doorbell receiver

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