Which wireless kinetic switch manufacturer’s technology is strong

Which manufacturer of wireless kinetic switches has strong technology? The author of this question is really hard to say, after all, there is a sky outside the sky, but I still understand Ebelong’s self-powered technology.

Which wireless kinetic switch manufacturer's technology is strong

Ebelong’s self-powered technology was formally put into research and development in 2009. The self-powered products are quite mature so far, but they are still developing new products and working hard to live up to the engineers’ initial efforts and to develop better wireless kinetic energy. Bring the product to everyone.

Ebelong products include wireless kinetic energy switches, self-powered door magnetic sensors, self-powered doorbells, smart plugs, human movement sensors, controllers, and security gateways.

wireless kinetic switch manufacturer

The feature of the product is that it can be customized according to local usage standards, keeping your usage habits, that is, supporting OEM and ODM.

Flexibility and design are strong. After all, we have a strong R&D and design team to back up. We are not afraid of difficulties and face difficulties.

The total number of invention patents and quality certifications of self-powered technology is more than 300. There is no need to worry about product quality and it is guaranteed.

Patent for invention of self-power generation technology by Ebelong

Therefore, which manufacturer of wireless kinetic switches has strong technology and product strength tells everything, thank you for reading!

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