Build your insensible home security system

EBELONG provides perfect home security solutions and products to build a security system of 24-hour * 360 ° all-round.

EBELONG wireless kinetic technology & Tuya intelligence is linked with home security system which keeps you informed of your family situation at anywhere and anytime. Home protection, family care, visitor notification, and a variety of life application is compatible.

When the alarm system detects undesired motion or window opening, your home will be visible and audible from a distance thanks to the lighting and sound alarm. In this situation, the burglars immediately stop any attempts of entering your home and your possessions are safe.

insensible home security system

Self-powered Switches

P1 Series: Security Status Setting

It is set to 3 security modes as “Defence” & “Home” & “Off”,  and 1 alarm key to satisfy different levels of defense measures.

When you press the “defense” button of P1 series switch, the command signal will be transmitted to Qme series gateway which also integrates functions of alarm and doorbell to adjust all sensors to the operation state, that is, the monitoring state.

K Series: Emergency Call

Press it to send out an alarm signal to Qme series gateway immediately when any accident happens. The function of K series switch is as the same as the SOS key of P1 series.

Qme series gateway immediately when any accident happens


Door Sensor: Door/Window Sensor

It is powered by kinetic energy so that it can be pasted on the frame of the door or the window to detect whether the door or the window is pushed under the monitoring state, then the door sensor will sends out an alarm signal.

PIR: Precision Infrared Radiometer

It is powered by button battery and gets IP67 waterproof grade that you can trustingly put it outdoors. Well it can rotate 170° so that it has enough perspective to monitor infrared induction of unexpected intruders.

P1 self-powered switch

Doorbell Transmitter

Q3 Series

The wireless self-powered doorbell is optional to join the EBELONG security system. When the doorbell is pressed, the Qme series receiver will recognize the signal whether is send out from a  doorbell transmitter or alarm system, then send out the corresponding ringtone.

We sincerely recommend Q3 series doorbell because of its powerful IP67 waterproof function. And its wireless signal is long-distance and stable so while put it at the gate, it’s able to activate the doorbell in the living room or bedroom.

Alarm & Gateway & Doorbell Receiver

Qme Series

As mentioned above, the Qme series receiver will recognize the signal whether is send out from a  doorbell transmitter or alarm system. It will send out an alarm ringtone up to 110dB once it receives the signal form alarm system, and push a notification to your mobile device to remind you the state of house when you’re far away from home.

security system

Last but not the least, almost products of the home security system is based on EBELONG patented technology of energy harvesting which needs no wiring installation or battery. We are so proud of our clean energy products do no harm to the environment while the products are designed to use easily in smart home.

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