Wireless kinetic switch supplier analysis smart home tips

For the realization of smart home, what kind of common switch matching is used in the past, we don’t care. Now we introduce the realization of the smart home can be equipped with wireless kinetic energy switches, and the smart home with wireless control will appear more advanced. This is the tip and suggestion given to you by the supplier of Ebelong wireless kinetic switches. As for what kind of advantages are there? You slowly understand.

Wireless kinetic switch supplier analysis smart home tips

Why is it better to apply wireless kinetic switches to smart homes?

1. The wireless kinetic energy switch does not need to chisel wall wiring, eliminating these steps, the home wall will be safer;

2. The wireless kinetic energy switch does not need batteries, and there is no battery replacement, showing that this smart home is more advanced;

3. This wireless light switch is like a remote control that does not require batteries and can be moved freely;

4. The switch can be screwed to a certain position, or it can be pasted and fixed with 3M glue (convenient to move the position later), or it can be placed in the position you want to place without fixing;

5. The kinetic wireless switch is not connected to electricity, preventing electric shock;

6. The wireless switch has IP67 waterproof, especially suitable for outdoor, bathroom, and kitchen use;

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

As a wireless kinetic switch supplier and source manufacturer, Ebelong has the strength of R&D and design and supports OEM and ODM customization services in various regions. There are many application scenarios for wireless light switches. Welcome to consult and understand, we will cooperate and win-win!

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