Self-powered wireless switch that does not require battery wires

What kind of switch is Ebelong’s self-powered wireless switch?

It is a self-powered wireless switch that does not require wires or batteries.

Self-powered wireless switch that does not require battery wires

So this switch does not need to be connected to wires and batteries, so how does it control the turning on and off of lights or other devices?

1. Ebelong engineers analyze the reasons.

(1) The self-powered wireless switch does not need to be connected to the wire.

Since there is no need to connect wires, it controls the state of the light through signal transmission.

(2) The self-powered wireless switch does not require batteries.

Split diagram of Ebelong self-powered switch

No battery is needed, so it must be able to generate electricity on its own.

After you understand the logic of the above two points, and then come to understand the working principle of the self-powered wireless switch, you will have a better understanding of how it controls the lights.

2. Working principle.

The self-powered switch generates electricity through energy harvesting technology. The specific process is: kinetic energy is generated by pressing the switch with our hands; then the internal module of the switch collects this kinetic energy and converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy; and then through the communication module Send out a signal, and the wireless receiver controls the lamp.

Ebelong self-powered switch working principle

3. The benefits.

What conveniences have been brought to our lives by the arrival of self-powered wireless switches?

(1) Eliminates the complicated process of wall chiseling and wiring, reduces dust pollution, and saves wire and labor costs;

(2) The switch is more free to install. It can be installed without fixing it, and it can be moved anywhere like a remote control. If you need to fix the switch, tear off the double-sided tape on the back and paste it. It is easy to move the switch position. Just paste it.

(3) Anti-shock, waterproof, durable, voice control, and mobile APP control.

Self-powered switch can be placed in any position

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