What about the TUYA smart home wireless self-powered switch

How about TUYA Smart Home Wireless Self-Powered Switch? Ebelong wireless self-powered switch does not need to chisel the wall wiring, does not need to use batteries, easy to achieve multiple control, voice and cell phone APP wireless remote control, simple install, easy to move, easy to use, IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, suitable for a new installation, retrofit, and modification, more suitable for outdoor and wet area use.

What about the TUYA Smart Home Wireless Self-Powered Switch

What are the benefits to consumers from the implementation of the TUYA Smart Home Ebelong wireless self-powered switch?

1、Easy control of devices

You can easily adjust the brightness and color of smart lights, with thousands of colors for you to choose from; you can open and close smart curtains while lying in bed; set the temperature and operation mode of air conditioners; turn on air purifiers according to the family air condition; you can also control with voice and cell phone APP, which can be used by the elderly and children; you can also control the devices remotely when you go out.

2、View the operation status of the equipment

You can check the running status of each device on the APP, whether it is on or off. In addition, you can also check the power consumption of the appliances on the socket; check the openness of the curtains at home; check the humidity, temperature, PM2.5 index detected by the air box, etc.

3、Manage life mode

Smart Home App pre-sets several common life scenes for you: reading scene, sleeping scene, waking up the scene. When a scene is opened, all smart devices in that scene will automatically enter the preset state. You can also modify the preset scenes and add new scenes according to your actual needs.

Ebelong TUYA Smart Home Wireless Self-Powered Switch

Ebelong wireless self-powered switch realizes more and more convenient benefits of TUYA smart home, more details are welcome to learn more.

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