Self-powered switch energy-saving emission reduction green environmental protection

Self-powered switch energy-saving emission reduction green environmental protection, what is “green environmental protection, energy-saving emission reduction, low-carbon life”?

Self-powered switch energy-saving emission reduction green environmental protection

“Low-carbon life” means that the energy consumed in life should be reduced as much as possible, so as to reduce carbon, especially carbon dioxide emissions, thereby reducing pollution to the atmosphere and slowing down ecological degradation, mainly by changing the details of life from three aspects: electricity and gas saving and recycling.

Self-powered switch energy-saving emission reduction green environmental protection

What are those methods for energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection, and green life beyond the Ebelong self-powered switch? Simply list a few to see.

Then you have to understand some features of Ebelong self-powered switch you will naturally know.

The self-powered switch uses micro-energy harvesting technology to develop and produce, no need to chisel the wall wiring, no batteries, with IP67 level waterproof, shock-proof, easy multi-control, intelligent voice and cell phone APP wireless control, simple installation, fast movement, maintenance-free, suitable for retrofit, modification, and new installation, is a good helper for the realization of the smart home.

The application of a self-powered switch saves manpower, material resources, emission reduction, pollution reduction, and green and environmental protection. Do you understand the reasoning? Next, look at other ways to save energy and reduce emissions.

Self-powered switch energy-saving emission reduction green environmental protection

1、Lighting electricity

Be careful to turn off the lights with your hands. Use energy-efficient light bulbs. The energy department estimates that the use of energy-efficient light bulbs alone instead of traditional light bulbs can prevent 400 million tons of carbon dioxide from being released.

Do not leave what can be done during the day for the night, do laundry and homework before it gets dark. Early to bed and early to rise is good for health, but also for environmental protection and energy saving.

2、Energy-saving use of household appliances

When buying washing machines, televisions, or other electrical appliances, choose reliable, low-consumption energy-saving products.

Turn off the power when the TV and computer are not in use, not only to save electricity but also to prevent fire hazards caused by short-circuiting the socket. Turn off the power to the water dispenser when not in use. Keep the refrigerator in a frost-free state.

3、Recycle and reuse

By relying on recycling methods to reduce material recycling, you can reduce the number of new raw materials produced, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions. For example, the recycling of organic materials such as paper and cardboard can avoid the release of methane (a gas that can cause the greenhouse effect, mostly methane) from landfills. According to statistics, recycling one ton of waste paper can produce kilograms of recycled paper, which can cut down 17 fewer trees, save more than half of the raw materials for paper making, and reduce water pollution. Therefore, saving paper is to protect the forest and the environment.

Recycling plastic and metal products, and the reuse of one kilogram of aluminum can avoid eleven kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

Minimize the consumption of aluminum film packaging Tetra Pak brick packaging, and other disposable supplies.

4、Energy-saving fitness methods

If you live in a building with good staircase ventilation and lighting conditions, and safety facilities, you can do “stair climbing” every day, saving electricity at the same time, and fitness, heart, and temperament at the same time.

Washing light clothes by hand is also good exercise. Stand in front of the laundry sink in a stance, not only to exercise foot strength but also to relax the waist and back, which are often under tension. Both hands scrub clothes at the same time, saving water and electricity while exercising finger dexterity and left and right brain coordination.

5、Save energy for heating and cooling

Most of the household energy is consumed in heating and cooling. By effectively using natural ventilation and avoiding over warming rooms, you can simply reduce your costs and CO2 emissions by 10%.

Check the quality of the attic and cavity wall insulation. Check that the gaps around doors and windows are airtight in winter.

In summer when the weather is not very hot, it is best to use a fan or electric fan instead of air conditioning. When using air conditioners, do not set the temperature too low.

6、Renewable energy

The use of various renewable energy technologies can greatly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we produce in the process of using energy. Solar energy can heat water and generate electricity. Biomass heating systems are increasingly used in some European countries, and there are new types of small wind turbine generators have been available for home use.

7, waste separation and disposal

Waste separation can recover valuable resources while reducing the energy consumed by landfills and incineration of waste. For example, waste paper is sent directly to paper mills to produce recycled paper; beverage bottles, cans, and plastics can also be sent to relevant factories to become recycled resources; household appliances can be sent to specialized manufacturers for decomposition and recycling. Different garbage bags can be prepared at home to collect waste paper, plastic, packaging boxes, food waste, etc. Separating and recycling garbage every day is not only our due responsibility but also helps to cultivate children’s habits and consciousness of caring for the environment.

8、Exchange and donate extra items

Gather surplus or unused items and reuse them by exchanging and donating them.

In short, there are other ways to save energy, and we need to learn from each other to implement them in all aspects of life.

Global warming is sounding the alarm, and the Earth is facing a huge challenge. To protect the earth is to protect our home. Let’s take action, throw away our selfish habits, and save the fate of the earth’s home with our generous and selfless kindness and good deeds, so as to maintain the future of mankind’s continued existence.

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