Huawei HiLink smart home Shenzhen wireless kinetic switch support implementation

Huawei HiLink smart home is supported by Shenzhen Ebelong wireless kinetic switch, making a modest contribution to a green and environment-friendly smart home.

Huawei HiLink smart home Shenzhen wireless kinetic switch support implementation

The smart home system platform includes Huawei HiLink, graffiti, and other platforms. Now let’s talk about how Shenzhen wireless kinetic switch integrates with Huawei HiLink smart home system platform to create a green home smart life.

What is the meaning of Huawei HiLink smart home wireless kinetic switch participating in achieving more perfection?

Build a cooperative ecosystem of the Internet of Things based on the principle of “brand symbiosis, traffic sharing, and consistent experience”. EBL wireless kinetic energy switch is developed and produced using micro energy acquisition technology. It does not require wall chiseling wiring or batteries. It supports multi-protocol, voice and mobile phone APP control, IP67 waterproof, electric shockproof, and easy multi-control.

Huawei HiLink smart home Shenzhen wireless kinetic switch support implementation

From the above advantages, it can be concluded that it is very convenient to implement a smart home by using Ebelong wireless kinetic switch. The obvious advantages are as follows:

1. The wireless kinetic switch does not need to chisel the wall for wiring, which reduces the wall damage, workload, environmental pollution, material and labor costs;

2. Shenzhen wireless kinetic switch does not need batteries. It is safe, reliable, and electric shockproof by pressing the self-generating technology. Children and the elderly can use it with confidence. There is no need to replace batteries and deal with waste batteries in the later period. It is environmentally friendly and energy-saving;

3. The wireless kinetic switch is IP67 waterproof, which is very suitable for use in wet places such as toilets, kitchens, and outdoors;

4. The wireless kinetic switch is easy to install, and can be fixed with screws, 3M glue (convenient for later movement), and unfixed (placed everywhere);

5. It is easy to control and install at any time, which is very convenient for refitting and better for new installation;

What’s the use of a smart home?

1. Easily control the device.

It can easily adjust the brightness and color of the intelligent lamp, with thousands of color choices; Lying on the bed can open and close the intelligent curtain; Set the temperature and operation mode of the air conditioner; Turn on the air purifier according to the household air conditions; You can also use voice control, which can be used by the elderly and children; You can also control the equipment remotely when you go out.

2. View device health.

You can view the running status of each device on the APP, whether it is turned on or off. In addition, you can also check the power consumption of the appliances on the socket; Check the opening of the curtains at home; Check the humidity, temperature, and PM2.5 indicators detected by the air box.

3. Manage your lifestyle.

Smart home APP presets several commonly used life scenes: reading scene, sleeping scene, and getting up the scene. When a scene is opened, all intelligent devices in the scene will automatically enter the preset state. You can also modify preset scenes and add new scenes according to actual needs.

wireless kinetic switch

With regard to more functions, the self-generating products such as Ebelong wireless kinetic switch, controller, gateway, wireless socket, and Huawei HiLink smart home platform will work together for you. Thank you for your support!

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