Lighting smart control | wireless smart switch

The lighting smart control system is the most used system in the smart home. For the whole house, wherever there is light, the lighting smart control system will be used. The lighting smart control system is a system for intelligent control and management of lighting, a wireless smart switch.

Lighting smart control - wireless smart switch

1. Composition of lighting intelligent control system, such as mobile APP, scene panel, gateway, PIR sensor

2. The control method of the lighting intelligent control system

Intelligent lighting breaks through the limitations of traditional manual switches in use and turns on the lighting source through various methods such as mobile apps, voice, PIR sensor control, and scene control. Provide consumers with more convenient and more user-friendly home services.

Mobile APP control

Ebelong intelligent lighting control system for the whole house can control the switch of all lights, the color/brightness of lights, and the on-time or off-time can be freely set on the Tuya APP.

The lighting intelligent control system also has a remote control function, and you can use your mobile phone to remotely control the switch of lighting equipment in your home anytime, anywhere. For example: come home from getting off work, so that you can turn on a light waiting for you without entering the door.

Ebelong wireless light switch supports mobile APP and voice control

Voice control

AI speakers are connected to Tuya, which can control some smart home appliances that support Tuya, including lights, curtains.

Just link the AI speaker and say: “Alexa, turn off the bedroom light”, “Alexa, turn on the reading light”, you can easily realize the voice control of the lights.

PIR sensor control

PIR sensor is also called infrared induction. The human body has a constant body temperature, generally around 37 degrees, so it emits infrared rays of a specific wavelength, and human body induction lighting controls the light on and off by capturing this specific wavelength of infrared light.

The biggest feature of the infrared human body sensor switch is delayed lighting. During the delay period, if someone moves within the effective sensing range, the switch will continue to be turned on. After the person leaves, the delay will automatically turn off the load, realizing the intelligent control function of “lights on when people come and light off when people leave”. For example, if you set a night scene, the lights will automatically turn on when someone passes by.

EbelongWireless Infrared Human Motion Sensor

Scene panel controls

The scene panel can be described as the function integrator of the smart switch. It realizes remote control and can control all lamps on one terminal through the linkage of binding switches.

The user switches the scene mode through the scene panel, and the intelligent lighting gateway automatically controls the switch of the lighting gateway after receiving the command. Among them, the most attractive feature of the scene panel is its humanized intelligent design. Various scenes can be switched freely, and the color, brightness, and number of lights can be freely combined, which can meet the needs of any scene in a modern family. The mission of Ebelong wireless smart switch.

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