Wireless smart switch, kinetic energy generation

In your busy life, when you use the switch, have you ever encountered such troubles: “Why is there no switch here”, “Why is the switch so far away”, “The cabinet blocks the switch”…. Faced with this situation, you may sigh: isn’t the furthest distance in the world a switch that you can see but cannot touch?

If you have a Ebelong wireless smart switch, you can save a lot of trouble. Stick it anywhere, control it freely… It’s more than that, let’s see what the capabilities of this switch are?

Wireless smart switch, kinetic energy generation

No wiring required, kinetic energy generation

Friends who have experienced decoration know that once the switch point and electrical wiring are confirmed, it is difficult to adjust it later, so it is very troublesome to re-install the position of the switch socket.

Ebelong smart wireless switch, whether it is refitted before or after home decoration, avoids all kinds of complicated wiring troubles, it can be placed arbitrarily without restrictions.

Saying goodbye to “wire”, Ebelong wireless smart switch also said goodbye to “electricity”. It does not require batteries but converts the kinetic energy of daily hand pressing switches into electrical energy to complete functional operations.

The Ebelong wireless switch that can discharge “electricity” is naturally very confident in its appearance. The elegant white flawless appearance is elegant and generous, and there are single-key, double-key, and three-key options in the style. All Ebelong wireless switches are subject to your needs.

Ebelong wireless smart switch

Free from troubles, stick it everywhere

For the majority of “lazy people”, it is undoubtedly a very torturous thing to ask them to get up and get out of bed to find the switch when they are drowsy or cold.

But with the Ebelong wireless switch, it can be placed anywhere without the trouble of finding it.

You can also add multiple multi-switches to suit your home design needs. Whether it is a bedside, corridor, study or bedroom, as long as it is paired with a single firewire smart wall switch, and then through the wireless wall sticker, you can directly stick the smart wireless switch to any position on the wall, truly achieving “where you need to stick it”.

Ebelong smart wireless switch

Low cost of renovation, saving money and worry

When your house is renovated, you find that the position of the control switch is not ideal, what should you do if you want to change it?

If it is according to the traditional transformation plan, you may have to keep a good account: electrician construction costs, wire materials, pipe materials, multi-control panel cassettes, multi-control switch panels… From this point of view, the cost of transformation is really not small.

Is there a more economical and convenient solution? In fact, you only need to replace the original traditional switch with a single live wire smart wall switch, and use a wireless sticky switch to pair with the newly installed single live wire smart wall switch, and place it in any position you want, you can realize the original line lamps and lanterns ” Multi-directional” control.

The matching between switches is also very simple, as long as you press and hold the switch key of the single live wire smart wall switch, you can complete the pairing with the random stick switch. After the connection is completed, you can stick the Ebelong wireless smart switch anywhere you need to easily achieve one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many control.

Ebelong Wireless Light Switch Smart Home Application

“There is no switch beside the bed”, “the cabinet blocks the switch” and other problems that stumped you at the beginning, all of which are easily solved. Because you have Ebelong wireless smart switch. This transformation can be described as saving money and worry.

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