Self-powered waterproof doorbell requires no wiring

Stick the self-powered wireless doorbell with 3M adhesive strips at the door, which is wireless and waterproof, no fear of any bad weather.

Self-powered waterproof doorbell requires no wiring

Multiple Ringtones

The doorbell contains more than 52 ringtones, you can set exclusive ringtones for doorbells in different locations, and listen to the sound to identify the location.

Memory Function

Compatible with the one-to-one and the multi-to-multiple ringtone memory mode, every time the doorbell is powered off and restarted, it will remember the originally set ringtone, no need to set it again.

Wide Coverage

The doorbell sends a steady signal based on 110 decibels volume and a transmission distance of 200 meters, so even a large house won’t miss a visit.


There are 4 modes available to meet the individual needs of different families: ringtone only, flashing light only, ringtone and flashing light, and light always on. Among them, in the always-on mode, the doorbell can be used as a night light to realize the warm and cold dimming mode.

wireless waterproof doorbell

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