Wireless kinetic switch for smart home is a trend

The scenarios imagined in the past are now being realized step by step.

Our requirements for home life are not only satisfied with the house but have begun to pursue the higher technology and better quality of life brought by smart home.

In addition to enjoying the convenience brought by technology, the requirements for home life are gradually increasing, so in this era of environmental development, the rapid development of smart homes is an inevitable trend. With the continuous advancement of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, intelligence has gradually penetrated and changed all aspects of people’s lives. People’s pursuit of high-quality life under the blessing of intelligence has driven the rapid development of the smart home industry. Development, the use of Ebelong wireless kinetic switches in smart homes is a trend.

Wireless kinetic switch for smart home is a trend

The wireless kinetic energy switch does not require wiring or batteries, supports voice, mobile APP, and remote control, easy multi-control and sub-control, and is durable, safe, and has Anti-electric shock.

Family houses, such as large flats or villas, are the primary target group for smart homes. They enjoy a very high concept of home living. Compared with ordinary houses, the difference is not only “big”, but also that it can meet their needs. Environment and supporting special requirements. Therefore, the family house design is not only the rational planning of the interior space but also the overall thinking and design from the perspectives of comfort, safety, convenience, intelligence, etc., so as to achieve a harmonious living environment with internal and external cultivation. . Why do we keep emphasizing the necessity of the smart home? It can be concluded from the lifestyle of the family house that life will be extremely inconvenient if there is no centralized management and control system or an intelligent home system due to the large space. During the epidemic, with the rise of the “home economy”, non-contact, security, and home entertainment products have received more and more attention. With the increase of home time, people have more thinking and needs for home products. It has promoted the development and quality improvement of the smart home. Facing the future development trend of smart homes, smart home companies focus on user needs in the smart home spatialization scenario, so that the smart home scenario begins to truly “understand human nature”, and the products focus on safety, health, technology, entertainment, and other directions while taking into account the needs of users. At the same time of quality, it pays more attention to the experience that the whole smart home system brings to the family.

Wireless kinetic switch

Why is the era of the smart home already here? Because of the maturity of IoT technology. The era of a smart home is the era when the Internet of Things enters the home. The smart products in the smart home are connected to each other to exert the intelligent functions of the smart home, which requires the support of the Internet of Things technology. That is to say, the smart home cannot do without the support of the Internet of Things. Smart home products need to utilize IoT technology to be connected. At this stage, smart homes are generally controlled through mobile APPs. For example, if the user clicks the home mode on the mobile APP, the lights in the home will automatically turn on and the curtains will automatically open. When users go out, they only need to click the leave home mode to control curtains, switch lights, and other household products with one click, providing users with a convenient home life experience. The smart home in the future, like Jarvis in Iron Man, can learn the owner’s living habits and have a dialogue with the owner, master the owner’s life rules, and automatically turn on and off the home appliances according to the owner’s work and rest time. Requires remote or timed control of switches and buttons, completely intelligent. Like Tass in Interstellar, the owner can be alerted at the first time when there is a situation in the home, automatically identify the invasion of bad guys, sound the alarm, lock the door and turn off the lights, and call the police.

“Technology is to make people feel the existence of technology.” The development of the smart home is through a deep understanding of the relationship between people, home, and the environment, allowing space to learn to think, forming a process of perception and integration, which is a more convenient and more humane way of life.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

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