Ebelong rocker-style self-powered wireless light switch

Lighting manufacturers can provide a physical switch to control smart light bulbs and lighting systems with battery-free and reliable self-powered switches.

Ebelong rocker-style self-powered wireless light switch

EBELONG is expanding its lineup of proven Self-Powered Wireless Switch options to include support for ZigBee, all designed to support battery-less and wire-free installation in residential and commercial smart buildings.

EBELONG’s ZigBee Switch provides users wireless control of their lighting and automation systems, faster installation, and lower maintenance costs using battery-free energy-harvesting technology compatible with ZigBee Green Power. The energy harvesting mechanism is powered by the motion of the user pressing the switch and is designed to operate maintenance-free for 10+ years. Their switches have been shipping to the marketplace for nearly 10 years powering EBELONG compatible product line.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

The Self-Powered ZigBee Switch is available to OEM companies for control of LED light bulbs, dimmers, and lighting control systems, and is available with custom branding options.

The Self-Powered Wireless Light Switch with ZigBee Green Power creates new opportunities for wireless controls:

  • Install a switch anywhere in a room––no wiring required.
  • Control ZigBee compatible lights, thermostats, and other wireless devices.
  • Transmit data on both the switch press and release to support both on/off and dimming controls.
  • ZigBee Green Power and ZigBee 3.0 compatible.

Until now, ZigBee controls required either smartphone apps, or battery or line power. EBELONG has been providing reliable control solutions for 10 years. The ZigBee Switch can communicate with globally-compliant ZigBee solutions that accept the Green Power feature.

Ebelong self-powered switch APP control

The ZigBee Self-Powered Wireless Light Switch is compatible with standard rocker-style faceplates.

With the market’s increasing focus on energy conservation, it’s time to become a part of the wireless control movement that uses automation and power-saving technologies to reduce energy consumption. Purchase units here.

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