Wireless kinetic switch in the foreground of outdoor lighting

Smart city has become a “high-frequency word” in China, and the smart city has also attracted much attention. Urban lighting is an important part of a smart city, and the application of Ebelong wireless kinetic switch is perfect for outdoor lighting. At present, the application of LED outdoor lighting in China has been fully popularized.

Under the new situation, to build a smart city, promote green lighting, and achieve sustainable urban development, the LED outdoor lighting industry will gain more room for development, especially in the field of road lighting and landscape lighting. At present, after years of exploration and development of LED outdoor lighting, the technology in the application process has been continuously innovated and breakthroughs and the level has been continuously improved. The qualitative accumulation has been completed, and the market has continued to grow steadily. And the call for intelligent outdoor lighting and attention is getting higher and higher. The cross-border integration of the Internet and LED outdoor lighting, the use of Internet tools to achieve transformation and upgrading, personalization, interaction, and informatization.

Wireless kinetic switch in the foreground of outdoor lighting

Intelligent outdoor lighting has become an inevitable trend

Lighting is not only to meet people’s visual bright requirements but also to meet artistic requirements, and adjust the lighting to change the feeling of a space. In LED outdoor lighting, the intelligent management system is growing rapidly. The development of lighting intelligent control technology enables outdoor lighting to achieve the goal of energy saving through the interaction between “light-environment-people”. LED outdoor lighting will no longer be a millisecond. Unconnected individuals, but networked, multimedia lighting. Many professionals with many years of experience in outdoor landscape lighting design and construction have clearly stated that outdoor smart lighting is a trend, and hope that smart lighting is not only the realization of switch control or scene but also a comprehensive definition of smart lighting, which truly reflects its practicability.

Through digital control, LED street lights can be remotely controlled for a single light, and adjusted in combination with traffic, pedestrian flow, and weather conditions. More importantly, with the addition of the intelligent control system, LED street lights can save 10-20% more energy than the original LED energy-saving technology. In addition, smart lighting can also develop across fields through street lighting, making better use of idle resources during the day. For example, establishing pseudo base stations, joining the Internet of Things, etc.

It is understood that the intelligentization of outdoor lighting can save resources more, and can create a comfortable atmosphere such as three-dimensional and layered, which is beneficial to people’s physical and mental health. The technical core of intelligent outdoor lighting is realized through an intelligent control system on the one hand; on the other hand, it is the quality control and technological innovation of light source, which can realize the realization of relevant intelligent functions under the condition that the volume and quality of the light source remain unchanged.

In recent years, many international first-line lighting brand companies have begun to deploy intelligent control fields such as sensing, communication, and multimedia. According to the survey, 70%-80% of designers have application awareness of intelligent lighting technology in the process of outdoor lighting application, but they do not have much practical experience. The industry has been talking about smart cities and intelligent outdoor lighting for a long time, but there is still a long way to go for truly practical and reliable intelligent outdoor lighting products and control systems, as well as the practical application of intelligent outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting needs to greatly improve the user experience

Due to the huge potential of the LED lighting market, domestic and foreign manufacturers are rushing to enter, and homogeneous products emerge in an endless stream, resulting in uneven product quality and unstable performance, which has become a confusing point in the current LED industry pattern. Considering the maintenance difficulty of outdoor products, construction labor costs, and relatively harsh conditions of use, outdoor LED professional lighting must pay more attention to product quality and reliability.

Reliability and price are important factors for the rapid popularization of LED lighting in the field of general lighting. At present, the unstable performance of LED lamps, such as no lighting, flashing lights, some lamp beads not lighting, and serious light decay, are directly related to chips, heat dissipation, and power supply. relation. The quality of LED lighting is directly related to the user experience and confidence in LED lighting products and has a great relationship with the large-scale application and promotion of LED products in the future.

LED industry lighting experts also agree that: advanced light source technology, plus high-quality structural design, and reasonable light distribution, can create truly professional and reliable LED outdoor products.

The post-project maintenance cost of outdoor lighting directly affects the profit margin of the lighting project. Users will also consider factors such as the quality of the power supply, the reliability of performance, and the comprehensive service capability of the enterprise. With the development of the industry in the past two years, in terms of the application of outdoor lighting, new technical parameters and standards have been clarified. Since last year, all LEDs have been included in the mandatory 3C standard, which has played a significant role in the development of LED outdoor lighting. Good normative action.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch chip

If the LED street light is too white and too bright, it will release a lot of blue light, and people will be exposed to it, which may not only increase the chance of a car accident due to glare when driving but also affect the sleep cycle. AMA recommends that the color temperature of outdoor lighting fixtures at night, especially street lights, should be less than 3000K (Kelvin, the unit of color temperature measurement).

In recent years, a large number of lighting projects have emerged rapidly, which is one of the important markets for LED companies to compete. Large-scale projects can drive the rapid development of the LED industry. Coupled with the support of national policies, the bidding work for LED pilot projects in various places has been carried out vigorously, and LED has not lived up to expectations. It has excellently demonstrated its life in projects such as municipal lighting, landscape engineering, street lamp renovation, and venue lighting projects. It has the advantages of long, high brightness, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch application has obvious advantages in outdoor lighting, no wiring, no battery, intelligent control, IP67 waterproof, Anti-electric shock, support for multiple controls, easy installation, and welcome OEM and ODM customization, thank you!

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