Four products you never want to miss to create comfort home

It’s no doubt that everyone would like to have a sweet, warm, and cozy home to live in, whereas thinking is always so much easier than doing, you may need to use several innovative smart products. The good news is there are a variety of products on the market nowadays that can help you to do many things without paying more attention. Here you can find some of the great things you can use in your home that will make everything more convenient than before.

Outdoor Switch

Ebelong Outdoor Switch

An outdoor light switch provides a convenient option to operate fixtures without the need to go inside, great for creating mood lighting in the evenings. S2 series waterproof switches are IP 67 rated for both water and dust ingress and constructed from tough materials for durability. Available in a range of gang sizes, a weatherproof light switch is a practical addition to an outdoor space with different styles to suit. To have a good time with family in your garden, try to get this one and you will be amazed.

If you live with other people, you will know that it can be very inconvenient for your housemates or family members to decide to take a shower right when you are trying to get ready to go to work. Having an extra bathroom will do wonders for the smooth functioning of your home, and even if you live alone, having an ensuite installed is a great way to make life easier when you need to get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet.


Ebelong light switch

Having your lighting installed proper place can make a huge difference in regard to how conveniently your home is set up. For example, living in a place that has long hallways or staircases can be quite tricky if you only have one light switch at one end, so It is necessary to have a double control switch.

However, it needs quite lots of work to do wiring work and extra cost. But with just one controller and two kinetic switches, the double control installation will be finished in just 5 minutes. Besides, these two switches can be placed anywhere at home.

Garage Door Switch

Garage Door Switch

Nobody wants to get off the vehicle to open the garage door while it’s raining cats and dogs, a Key fob kinetic switch and dry contact controller could be a wise choice for this condition and more. It has a convenient feature to have the garage door open or close. Moreover, it can be controlled by your smartphone, as you will be able to avoid the bad weather and make it home completely dry.

Remote Controls

Ebelong P1 wireless self-powered switch

You can use remote control for pretty much everything nowadays, and they really make life at home more convenient. P1 pocket fob kinetic switch can even do more. Whether it is for curtain opening, close, dimming light, or SOS call, it is really nice to be able to not have to use many remote controls, but just this one, so if you are tired of using many controls, do yourself a favor and get this one.

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