Wireless self-powered switch helps you through the cold winter

The sky changes overnight, the cold wind is coming, and the cold winter is coming. The days of freezing our hands and feet are getting closer and closer. I am particularly afraid of turning on or off the lights in the cold night. With it – wireless self-powered switch, You will happily control the lights and spend the cold winter.

Wireless self-powered switch helps you through the cold winter

Why do you say that?

Because the Ebelong wireless self-powered switch does not require chiseling walls and wiring, nor does it need to use batteries. It can be placed on the desktop like a TV remote control, or it can be pasted on a bed. Close position (it can easily change the pasting position at any time, as long as you want). Therefore, such a switch is very close to you and you can control everything at any time. What other concerns do you have?

Wireless self-power switch placed on the table

Of course, some people may be concerned about the following issues. for example:

1. Will this wireless switch get an electric shock if it is placed so close to the human body?

I am sure to tell everyone that this switch is very safe. It does not connect wires or batteries. It only relies on a power generation module to get weak electricity to issue instructions. It will not pose any danger to the human body. It is electric shock-proof, so you can rest assured use.

2. Is the switch durable?

After the test of Ebelong, the switch can be pressed 10 times a day, which can be pressed 100,000 times, and the service life is quite considerable.

3. Is the switch easy to install and use?

It is very easy to operate and install, as long as it is simply paired with the controller once.

4. Can the wireless kinetic switch realize dual control or multiple control?

The wireless kinetic switch can not only realize dual control and multiple control, but also is very easy to realize. It only needs to be paired with the controller again.

light controller and wireless kinetic switch

Perhaps, some friends have other questions, but I will not list them all here. If you have any questions, please consult our Ebelong wireless self-powered switch experts. Thank you for your support!

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