Self-powered electronics become “lifestyle”

Ebelong has been developing kinetic-energy (namely self-powered) products to satisfy the new markets. Ebelong is willing to share a historical topic below how electricity generates.

Ebelong QME self-powered switch

It would be important to come up with an idea of how any electricity generator, could be capable of producing a self-sustaining current. This has been clearly explained by Walter M. Elsasser in a Scientific American article (May 1958) titled “The Earth as a Dynamo.”

Elsasser has modeled the earth-dynamo, conveniently for this explanation, on the Faraday generator of a metal disk spinning over a bar magnet placed at the edge of the disk. He notes, also, that the bar magnet could be replaced by an electromagnet which could get its power from the spinning disk by attaching one end of the electromagnet’s wire to the outside of the disk and the other end of the wire to the metal rod running through the center of the disk.

Self-powered electronics become “lifestyle”

Elsasser then points out that an ordinary disk-based could not maintain a current for very long because the current induced in the disk is so weak that it would soon be dissipated by the resistance of the conductor [the disk].” This conventional arrangement would not be an answer to “how currents could be built up and perpetuated to maintain the earth’s magnetic field.”

He does, though, propose three options in the dynamo model that would explain the earth’s persistent magnetism for self-power. If we had a material that could conduct electricity a thousand times better than copper, the system would indeed yield a self-sustaining current.

Ebelong QME wireless kinetic switch

Thanks to the predecessors who devoted themselves into the industry, today, Ebelong develops the idea to be applied to electronic products in daily life, for example, the self-powered switches, self-powered doorbells… The patent technology of MEA (micro-energy harvesting technology) owned by Ebelong, has been widely used as household lifestyle, energy generates from user’s press which is converted into electrical energy. With the patent technology, more and more electronic devices become battery-free and no wire is required, it is strongly recommended by a good number of environmental protection organizations.

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