Wireless kinetic switch manufacturer company profile

As a wireless kinetic switch expert, EBELONG has been committed to the application of low-carbon and environment-friendly wireless battery-free self-powered new energy technology. It has been awarded the honorary title of China’s national high-tech enterprise and has won the quality certification of many companies around the world and many awards at home and abroad. This no-wire and no-battery green new energy technology are widely used in switches, sensors, gateways, and other IoT smart home products designing.

Wireless kinetic switch manufacturer company profile

Nowadays, EBELONG has more than 300 invention patents worldwide, providing ideal lighting control, home applications, and smart home solutions for users in 128 countries. EBELONG’s wireless kinetic switch generates electricity by harvesting the energy from pressing the switch so that wireless devices can no longer rely on batteries. Every time you press, 600 micro joules of electricity was generated, which is equivalent to reducing the use of 10 batteries one year; each time it is used in a household, it will reduce construction waste equivalent to 100kg of carbon emissions. This not only reduces the cost of traditional construction projects but also is clean and environment-friendly, which is conducive to reducing carbon emissions in the construction industry and promoting global carbon neutrality.

Wireless kinetic switch

Adding home devices to the smart home network can realize the interconnection between smart devices. Dynamic linkage of lighting, curtains and home appliances can achieve a variety of personalized whole-house smart scenarios.

Wireless kinetic energy switch supports intelligent control

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