Wireless self-powered switch, open smart life

Does the switch need electricity? The self-powered wireless switch made its debut at the C position, so what exactly is a self-powered wireless switch? Let Ebelong take everyone to take a look.

wireless kinetic switch smart home

In daily life, you will more or less encounter the problem of running around and pressing the switch, and even if the furniture blocks the switch, you have to remove the furniture or reach into the cracks before you can press the switch. Or turn off the lights in the living room at night and smear back to the room.

The inconvenience of traditional switches

In the face of many inconveniences in life, is there anything that can solve it? Eh, now, this thing is coming. It is a self-powered wireless switch.

S2 self-powered smart switch

The S2 self-powered switch can solve all the above problems in one fell swoop by using the energy generated by pressing and sending the radio frequency signal to the wireless receiver by virtue of the micro-energy harvesting technology. Not only does it need no wiring or battery, but it can also be connected to major smart home platforms to realize voice control on and off lights.

Self-powered wireless switch voice control

Can you turn off the lights in the living room by picking up your mobile phone while lying in bed? Custom smart mode? Want to experience a smart life? It’s time to make a little change in ordinary life.

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