Why should you integrate home automation lighting in your home?

If you are hesitating whether or not to install home automation lighting at home, in this blog we tell you why you should integrate this type of home automation system into your home. So do not stop reading and know all the benefits that it will provide you.

Why should you integrate home automation lighting in your home

Lighting represents the second source of electricity consumption. And, thanks to home automation –EBELONG smart lighting control solutions, this consumption can be reduced by up to 80% when compared to a conventional lighting installation.

But not only will you get significant savings on your bills, but you will also gain functionality. And it is that home automation lighting allows you to have absolute control of the lighting of your home or building.

Advantages of home automation lighting

As we have already mentioned, the installation of this type of home automation system –EBELONG smart lighting control solutions will make it easier for you to control the lighting in the different spaces. In this way, you can program various applications by EBELONG self-powered(battery-free) kinetic switches and smart controllers according to your needs, managing:

It is not always necessary to have all the lights on or at full power. Depending on the time of day and the activity that we are carrying out in the area, we will have some light needs or others. EBELONG smart lighting control solutions will allow you to automate the turning on and off of all lights, as well as their intensity, both indoors and outdoors, to optimally manage lighting.

Advantages of home automation lighting

We call it an intelligent system because it is capable of adapting to your needs, as we have already mentioned. How many times have you gone to open the door and had a hard time finding the lock? Or did you leave the hall lights on when you went to the dining room? Or, even, surely you have ever left the light on when you left home or the office.

These common problems could disappear by installing a EBELONG smart lighting control system that allows the light to come on as you go, as long as the level of ambient light requires it, of course. In this way, if it is daytime, the sensors will not give the signal to light, since it is not necessary, but if it is nighttime, the light will turn on automatically.

Having so many hours of sunshine, why not take better advantage of natural light? EBELONG Home automation allows you to manage lighting to make the most of natural light.  And it is that the EBELONG lighting control solutions are capable of controlling the luminosity constantly, according to the natural light that enters from the outside.

This type of home automation system allows managing lighting in a way that provides you with the greatest comfort in your day life. Just by entering through the door of the house, the space will be illuminated or, even, you can create a romantic atmosphere with just one click by EBELONG smart wireless kinetic switches and smart controllers.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

You can set up or program that when the doorbell rings(EBELONG self-powered doorbell), the lights flash. In this way, if you are on the other side of the house and with the music on, even if you cannot hear the doorbell, you have a special warning to know that someone is waiting for you behind the main door.

The possibilities of a home automation lighting system are unlimited and fully adaptable to the needs of each individual. Furthermore, once our technicians have programmed the relevant applications, it is very easy to use and no technical knowledge is required to manage the entire EBELONG smart lighting control products.

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