Simple DIY home improvement project — EBELONG

The plethora of wireless communications technologies has cut the comms wire for many applications, but these devices still require power. For home automation, this might mean a battery or mains power, but there is also an alternative that we don’t see often: Kinetic power.

Simple DIY home improvement project

EBELONG company developed a compact, wireless, batteryless pushbutton controller that transmits a 12-bit digital ID code to the vicinity when it is pressed. The device produces on the order of a milliJoule at 3 Volts when pushed, enabling several cycles of the ID code to be transmitted over scores of meters. Previous approaches used piezoceramic actuators to send simple impulses across Hertzian Resonators, Our device uses a reactively-matched transformer to drop the impedance of the piezo source, enabling one push to easily power low-voltage circuitry that can produce and transmit the code. This device has myriad applications, e.g., in places where a control interface is desired, but where physical wiring is impractical or too expensive, or where an embedded battery is undesirable because of limited shelf life or environmental concerns. This work evolved out of our prior project on power harvesting in shoes.

smart controller and wireless switch

True to the marketing, EBELONG switches do not require external power or a battery to send a wireless signal. Instead, it harvests energy from the magnetic latching action of the switch itself. When the switch is actuated, a small current is induced in a coil as the polarity of the magnetic field through its core changes rapidly. Through a series of diodes and resisters, the energy is stored in a capacitor, which is then used to power a small transmitter chip. The antenna coil is wrapped around the switch housing.

The receiver side is powered by mains and includes a relay output for lights. It would be really nice to have a hacker-friendly module for projects. We would be curious to see the range that these devices are capable of.

self-powered switch

You can add a second light switch anywhere in your house without wiring a new three-way switch thanks to smart home technology. This guide will show you what you need, and how to do this without paying an electrician to run wires through your walls, ceiling, or basement. Or, without spending all day doing it yourself. If you can replace a normal light switch, you can complete this project.

This is simple DIY home improvement project is a great reason to go with a smart home upgrade. I came up with the idea while talking to my parents about dipping their toes into smart home gadgets with an EBELONG and a smart plug. My dad said that he should have wired a second switch by the door to the garage when he installed a new light in the ceiling. He didn’t want to crawl around in the attic again, and I told him that I had the perfect solution.

Simple DIY home improvement project -- EBELONG

The Self-Powered Wireless Light Switch is the best solution for any light switch installation where running wires is difficult or expensive. Since the switch is wireless, it can be installed in minutes and it eliminates the need to cut holes into walls, install conduit, or fish wires. It’s perfect.

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