BM5 wireless kinetic switch datasheet


BM5 Wireless Kinetic Switch is a push-button self-powered switch with MEA (Micro Energy Acquisition) module inside to transform mechanical energy into electricity to drive RF chipset work.

It is able to power on/off and dim after the pairing with Ebelong Wireless receiving controller.

BM5 self-powered switch


BM5 Wireless Kinetic Switch shall work with Ebelong Wireless Receiving Controller.

Press and hold the function button of controller for 3 seconds and the indicator light will start to flash. Then release the button to enter pairing mode. Press the switch and the indicator light of controller will go out, which means the paring is successful.

If the controller is dimmable and dimming function is on, press it to power on and off a light, press and hold to dim a light.

BM5 wireless smart switch parameter


BM5 switch size

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