Worry-saving and energy-saving, self-powered wireless smart switch

With the development of science and technology, many households have installed self-powered wireless smart switches. So, what are the advantages of self-powered wireless smart switches compared with traditional switches? How to choose a good self-powered wireless smart switch? Next, Ebelong Technology will take you to find out!

Worry-saving and energy-saving, self-powered wireless smart switch

Home safety is a problem that people attach great importance to. In the past, traditional switches had to go through wall-cutting, wiring and other works, and finally connected to the power supply before being used. If improper installation or poor contact, etc., it is easy to cause safety hazards, and Traditional old-fashioned switches are generally installed along the wall. Due to the fixed installation position, it sometimes brings inconvenience to life.

Electric circuit modification

The self-powered wireless smart switch is a new type of smart switch that uses energy harvesting technology to convert the trace kinetic energy generated by pressing the switch into electrical energy to form an energy supply for signal transmission. Compared with the traditional switch, it does not need to be energized, can be moved, used for a long time, and has a waterproof function. In addition, the internal structure of the self-powered wireless smart switch is fully enclosed, ensuring reliability and safety, and fundamentally preventing the occurrence of ignition and explosion accidents caused by electric sparks. The self-powered wireless smart switch can also realize multiple combination control functions such as single control and dual control through simple and fast pairing. It does not require professional electric personnel to install, nor does it require chiseling walls or wiring.

S2 wireless self-powered switch

Choosing a good switch should not only have a good-looking appearance, but also a stylish and simple overall look, but also a perfect match with other furniture products to create a comfortable home living environment. Some switches need to be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, etc., and they will naturally come into contact with water, which may cause electric shock. You also need to look at the waterproof function when purchasing.

S2 self-powered switch waterproof IP67 level

The above is some introduction about the self-powered wireless smart switch. If you need more information, please contact us!

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