Wireless kinetic switch electric circuit rectification solution

At present, many old houses, old communities, old commercial and residential buildings, etc. need to be repaired, refurbished, and converted into modern smart homes. Wireless kinetic energy switches are quite suitable for the application of smart home solutions for electrical wiring rectification.

U1 wireless kinetic switch

1. Why is the wireless kinetic switch suitable for smart home solutions?

(1) The wireless kinetic energy switch does not need to go to the wall and wiring, which saves these time, materials and labor costs, and does not produce dust and noise pollution;

(2) The wireless kinetic energy switch does not need to install batteries, which is environmentally friendly and does not produce waste battery disposal;

(3) It is easy to use and install, and it can be moved or pasted anywhere within the scope;

(4) The switch is not directly energized, and it is safe to prevent electric shock;

(5) It is produced with fireproof materials, and at the same time reaches IP67 waterproof, without fear of wet weather;

(6) The switch is durable for 30 years and can be pressed 100,000 times;

(7) Using wireless chip, the signal is stable, no flicker;

(8) The power generation engine has a patented technology for self-power generation, using German imported steel;

(9) Multiple controls, multiple (switches) can control one (light source), or one (switch) can control multiple (light sources), which makes it easy to install and modify switches;

(10) Whole house intelligence, access to smart home platforms such as TUYA, HiLink, etc., you can control the lights through App or voice;

S2 self-powered switch

2. Can the wireless kinetic switch be used in large-scale rectification and renovation smart home solutions?

This is of course quite suitable. It can be said that it was born to better realize the smart home, whether it is real estate or electrical appliances, etc., it can be used or upgraded, technical support and OEM or ODM, security solutions, door sensors, Infrared sensors, gateways, doorbells, wireless sockets, garbage disposers, curtain motor controllers, etc. are all available. The wireless kinetic energy switch does not require chiseling walls and wiring, which will not cause wall cracks, paint falling, etc., and it is safe to prevent electric shock when it is not charged. More importantly, it can realize intelligent control lights such as voice and app, whether it is modified or installed. It is very easy, which meets the requirements of simple and convenient installation and use.

C604 light controller

3. How does the wireless kinetic switch work?

To give a simple example, a wireless kinetic energy switch, an electric light, and a controller. Let me talk about their connection method: the zero live wire is connected to the controller, the controller comes out to connect to the electric light, and the wireless kinetic energy switch and the controller perform signal matching, and then the state of the electric light can be controlled. Let’s talk about how this wireless kinetic energy switch controls the state of the light. When we press the switch with our hands, the power generation engine inside the switch gets kinetic energy, so the kinetic energy is collected and converted into electrical energy. It sends a signal through the communication module and connects to the light. The controller receives the signal, and the identification signal can control the state of the light.

C2205 smart controller

The controller can have multi-channel control, and the wireless kinetic energy switch also has multiple panels, which is very flexible, and it is very convenient to implement rectification and decoration of home or security solutions!

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