New Generation of Coolbar Switch Wireless Battery-Free Application Solution

What is the new generation of coolbar switch? It is a kind of wireless battery-free wireless kinetic switch. When the coolbar manufacturer adopts EBELONG wireless kinetic switch with the coolbar, not only the grade of the coolbar will be improved, but also the user experience will be much improved, please understand the specific application solution.

New Generation of Coolbar Switch Wireless Battery-Free Application Solution

The application of EBELONG wireless kinetic switch to the coolbar switch makes the coolbar switch no longer need wiring, no battery, easy multi-control, IP67 level waterproof, anti-electrical shock, wireless intelligent control, move the coolbar switch at any time, simple installation, and easy to use.

Wireless kinetic switch using micro-energy harvesting self-generating technology research and development production, not only can improve the grade of the coolbar bar, but also can make the user experience improved, coolbar switch at any time easy to move, handheld, voice, cell phone APP and other control methods, as you like, support OEM and ODM customization, more features welcome to understand.

The following is not the focus of the content, you can ignore the skip. What exactly is the home coolbar? It can be installed in the kitchen?

coolbar installation method installation location introduction

And bath products are not the same ah, coolbar not only can play the role of ventilation, in addition to installation in the kitchen and other demanding places, such as in the hot summer, many housewives will feel distressed by the high temperature in the kitchen, but if the installation of electric fans and fear that it will affect its cooking effect, so combined with the above, to understand the role of the coolbar characteristics can be achieved in the late Good results, both for us to deliver cool wind, but also through the adjustment of the amount of cool bar wind and wind direction, as far as possible not to affect the fire, which is also its humane features, you can refer to the following to understand.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

A, cool bar installation location

You have to understand the concept of cool bar and exhaust fan ah popularization under the cool bar is also called an overhead fan, the device in the integrated ceiling. It is a patented product of integrated ceiling, which was launched in June of this year. Features: installed in the kitchen on the top does not occupy a position, summer cooking can enjoy the cool breeze, and the bathroom can also be installed. Disadvantages: blowing the wind for the internal circulation, so blowing to the head will have oil. The surface is easy to dirty. Not refrigeration.

Therefore, the living room, bedroom, and study are more suitable for the installation of coolbar.

Second, the kitchen coolbar installation method introduction

1, bullet line positioning. The kitchen coolbar line mainly includes the kitchen coolbar elevation line and fan layout compartment positioning. Elevation line available water column method to mark out the kitchen coolbar plane location, and then pop out the elevation line according to the location; fan compartment positioning needs to be determined according to the size of the decorative panel and fan compartment arrangement. In order to install a convenient fan, the centerline spacing size is generally larger than the size of the decorative panel about 2MM. Fan compartment arrangement needs to try to ensure the uniformity and integrity of the keel compartment, to ensure that the kitchen coolbar has a regular decorative effect. First, draw the area on the paper according to the proportion, and then arrange the grids on the paper according to the principle of arrangement of the kitchen coolbar. Determine the location of the arrangement, and then draw the position of the positioning on the wall.

2、Fixed boom. Kitchen cool bar hanging pieces, currently the most used to use expansion screws or nails fixed angle blocks, through the holes in the angle blocks, the hanging fan with galvanized iron wire tied firmly in the hanging pieces. Suspension can also be used for telescopic boom. More types of the telescopic boom, the more common is the No. 8 lead wire straightening, with a spring steel piece with holes that will be linked to two lead wires, adjustment and fixing are mainly by the spring steel piece.

3, installation of the fan. Kitchen coolbar installation first after lifting each fan, temporary fixation in a position slightly above the elevation line, if the kitchen coolbar area is larger, can be divided into several parts of the lifting. Then install the secondary fan between the fans, also known as the horizontal support fan. Kitchen coolbar installation should also be used to measure the spacing between fans with a mold gauge

The above is an example of professional information on the installation and location of the coolbar. It can be learned that the product can be installed not only in the relatively closed kitchen, but also in the bathroom, which can play ventilation and cooling effect, especially in the hot summer, through the installation of the kitchen ceiling coolbar, on the one hand, does not occupy space, on the other hand, can provide us with the comfortable and cool wind, and as far as possible will not affect the cooking effect, so the coolbar is more humane A, you can refer to the above to understand and choose.

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