Electric clothes dryer switch upgrade, no wiring and no batteries to easily control from now on

The electric clothes dryer switch has been upgraded, and it can be easily controlled without wiring and without batteries. It can be realized by using Ebelong wireless kinetic switch and electric clothes dryer control panel.

Electric clothes dryer switch upgrade, no wiring and no batteries to easily control from now on

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch adopts micro-energy collection self-generation technology research and development and production, no wiring, no battery, easy multi-control, IP67 waterproof, anti-electric shock, wireless intelligent control, voice, and mobile APP, since then, the grade of electric clothes dryer has been improved. Brand influence is stronger.

For more details, welcome to know, about support OEM and ODM customization.

The following is not the key content, please ignore it. Where is the main switch of the automatic drying rack?

Usually installed on the right wall. Nowadays, people buy and decorate their houses with automatic clothes drying racks, so the good wife automatic clothes drying rack in our home is really of good quality, and the price is above medium or acceptable. It is very convenient to dry clothes. If there is an automatic lifting mode, The switch is installed on the balcony, on the right-hand wall of the balcony.

Ebelong electric clothes dryer switch

Do you need to leave a switch for the automatic drying rack?

The automatic clothes drying rack does not need to leave the switch. The automatic clothes drying rack also needs to leave the switch. If there is no switch, it will not be easy to use. It is very convenient to use the Ebelong wireless kinetic switch without wiring.

Where should the power plug of the electric clothes drying rack be left on?

The power plug can be left on the wall by the balcony, which is more convenient to use. When installing electric clothes drying rack, pay attention to the following points:

Do not pull the wire too hard to prevent the wire from being bent and causing the drying rod to fail to rise.

The screws are neatly placed. There are many screws when installing the electric clothes drying rack. It is best to place them neatly or write down each one to prevent choosing the wrong screw.

Whether the accessories are complete, check whether all the accessories of the drying rack are complete before installation, so as to prevent installation halfway due to missing accessories.

The intelligent electric clothes drying machine is a kind of household appliance that generates driving force through a motor and is intelligent. The electrical appliance is mainly composed of a body, a power system, a control system, a lifting system, a drying system, etc. Its basic function is for all kinds of household users. Provide intelligent and automated solutions for drying clothes and quilts.

At the same time, it is also equipped with value-added functions such as integrated lighting, ultraviolet sterilization, and disinfection, negative oxygen ion generator, timed air drying, intelligent drying, and home decoration; it is suitable for villas, resorts, apartment buildings, and various high-end residential quarters; generally installed on the balcony or on a roof near a window.

wireless kinetic switch

The development of intelligent electric clothes drying machines has become more than just a tool for drying clothes. In addition to buying and drying clothes, in addition to being labor-saving and practical, it is also a rather decorative product. It has become a beautiful sight on the balcony.

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