Energy-saving lamp control system wireless self-powered switch + lighting controller + intelligent gateway

Ebelong wireless self-powered switch + lighting controller + intelligent gateway has provided considerable help for the energy-saving lighting control system, let us understand together.

Ebelong wireless self-powered switch does not need to chisel the wall for wiring, the wall can be more protected, avoid more pollution, reduce the cost of labor and materials such as wires, and the later maintenance is simpler and faster.

Energy-saving lamp control system Ebelong wireless self-powered switch + lighting controller + intelligent gateway

Since this wireless self-powered switch does not need wiring, does it need a battery?

There is no need for batteries. Without batteries, there is no trouble in replacing batteries and disposing of waste batteries. It also saves energy, which is very convenient. The wireless self-powered switch is developed and produced by using micro-energy harvesting technology. battery.

Since the wireless self-powered switch does not need wiring or batteries, its installation will be very simple and convenient, and it will easily realize multiple controls, which is very suitable for new installations, retrofits, and refit applications.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

Because the wireless self-powered switch also has IP67 waterproof and anti-electric shock functions, it is safer and more secure for applications in damp, water, and open-air areas.

At the same time, the wireless self-powered switch also supports multi-platform, multi-protocol, voice, and mobile APP wireless remote control, various installation methods, can be screwed, can be fixed with 3M glue or not fixed, and can be placed anywhere like a TV remote control, if you use 3M glue After fixing, it is found that the position is not ideal, and the position can be changed at any time, which is very convenient so that there is no unreasonable installation of the switch position.

The wireless self-powered switch is also very good for the application of the smart home. It is easy to realize intelligent control with the controller and intelligent gateway. More functions are welcome.

Ebelong wireless self-powered switch supports OEM and ODM customization. Welcome to cooperate with distribution agents to achieve the ideal win-win development and achieve well-off together.

If you want to install a smart home lighting control system at home, do you have any requirements for the lighting itself? Can any light be controlled?

Smart lighting belongs to the basic subsystem of the smart home. Many lighting-related manufacturers have similar systems, which generally include smart switches and lighting fixtures, and some also have remote controls. Smart lighting generally does not have too high requirements for lighting fixtures, so it is very important to choose the right smart switch.

What are the stages of the development of street light control systems?

The three major sections of the new generation of street light control system:

1. Monitoring center – control center software, installed on the computer of the monitoring center. Remotely control the centralized controller through the network, and can be equipped with a GSM alarm transmitter to send alarms and other information to the duty personnel. The monitoring center is an office area where lighting managers monitor and manage the running status of street lamps. Managers can access and control lighting transformers/distribution cabinets and street lamps in the city/district through the main control software, including switch lamp command sending, parameters Configuration, status query, fault detection, etc. Through the monitoring center, you can easily and intuitively understand the operation status of lighting equipment in the city/district.

2. The control host – FAC centralized controller, installed in the power distribution cabinet, manages and controls the line by receiving commands from the monitoring center through wireless GPRS, and uses the power carrier technology to send commands to the single lamp terminal (single lamp control) and its information feedback. Realize the control of the output AC contactor of the transformer/distribution cabinet, and collect various status information on the line. When the communication of the monitoring center fails, it can automatically perform the switch light operation at the power distribution cabinet level according to the preset time curve. Can be docked with a single lamp controller.

3. Single lamp controller terminal – FLD single lamp power saving controller, installed at the street lamp pole, used in conjunction with the control host, using power carrier technology, through the control host to receive instructions from the monitoring center to achieve single-lamp level turn-on Turn off lights and adjust voltage, and actively collect single-light fault information for reporting. Realize single lamp networking, single lamp control, single lamp energy saving, single lamp data acquisition, single lamp energy metering, and other functions. Note: The control system can not select this terminal, directly use the remote centralized control function, and reserve this terminal interface to facilitate the preparation for the future transformation into a single-lamp control system, and reduce the cost of the future transformation into a single-lamp control system. The single-lamp control can be realized by directly connecting to the single-lamp terminal, without replacing the single-lamp control host. The innovation of this generation of the control system is on the control host, which can be connected to a single-lamp terminal to form a single-lamp control system, and can not be connected to a single-lamp terminal to form a centralized control system, which adds a reasonable choice for users considering cost; situation to select the street light control system.

Ebelong energy-saving light control system wireless self-powered switch + light controller + intelligent gateway, more welcome to learn!

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