Wisdom office wireless kinetic switch solution

Wisdom office wireless kinetic switch solution, under the double carbon policy, wisdom office is relevant to practical action and takes the lead to respond to the call.

Wisdom office wireless kinetic switch solution
wireless kinetic switch

The wireless kinetic switch is environmentally friendly and green, no need to cut the wall wiring, save materials, save labor and reduce pollution, no need to use batteries, energy saving, and environmental protection, and no worries about replacing batteries and disposing of used batteries, and no need to worry about when the switch will run out of power.

Wireless kinetic switch with IP67 level waterproof, multi-key switch, easy dual and multi-control, easy to install, easy to use, support wireless intelligent voice and cell phone APP control, easy to move, no need to fix handheld are available, suitable for retrofitting, modification, new installation, OEM and ODM customization, more understanding welcome attention.

Wisdom office wireless kinetic switch solution

What is the wisdom of the office?

The fast installation mode subverts the traditional construction process and achieves a fast and flexible combination of corporate office needs. How to achieve the ultimate?

Product modularity, all products are disassembled and assembled, with different scenarios; assembly construction; own factory production, own patents, which are our technology and barriers to doing well in the industry. In addition to the disruption in the hard installation, in the intelligent product experience, based on the space use scenario, we provide five intelligent space solutions for enterprises in terms of security, efficiency, and comfort, including an intelligent security system, intelligent office system, intelligent environment system, super CEO system and conference interaction system, giving full play to the combined effect of each intelligent single product, so that the user’s intelligent experience with coherence and scenario The combination effect of each intelligent product can be fully utilized to make users’ intelligent experience coherent and scenario-based.

Many of the impacts of technological innovation on office demand are positive, but costs will increase. Technological innovation requires consideration of cost and maturity, especially in the early stages. However, if technology is used for usage statistics, a comprehensive understanding of office space utilization can be achieved, allowing for flexible application of office space to save office space.

Under the big area of the smart city section, we focus on the segment of enterprise smart office to bring better services of intelligent management and human experience to enterprises and individuals and promote the rapid development of the smart city.

Wisdom office wireless kinetic switch solution

What can the smart office bring to enterprises?

Smart Office can provide a comfortable and convenient working environment for enterprises. Smart office software systems and hardware are easy to install and easy to operate for our employees, which can effectively improve our work efficiency, and also help save energy and costs, show the company’s strength and optimize the experience of visitors. The intelligent office solution provides hardware and software solutions, which are self-developed products by the professional technical team, including conference room management, intelligent control, workstation management, visitor management, etc. It is quite good, convenient, and practical to use.

Has wireless kinetic switches, controllers, wireless doorbells, intelligent sockets, gateways, sensors, and other self-powered products, to provide a complete set of intelligent office solutions!

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