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The China Electric and Building Technology Expo 2021 (GEBT) will be held in Guangzhou from August 3rd to 6th, 2021.Withstand the pressure of COVID-19, EBELONG shows the latest intelligent technologies in GEBT Expo.

The Highlights Of GEBT Expo 01

As the expert in Wireless Kinetic Switch, EBELONG has been worked in this industry for 13 years. With the original intention of “Green World”, EBELONG has realized the integration of production, sales and service. EBELONG are committed to exploring the most advanced technology and insisting on innovation. To make everyone can enjoy the “Green” and “Smart” wireless kinetic technology.


EBELONG has continued to put into practice the version of ”Green Energy” and “Intelligent Manufacturing”, and insisted on “Self-powered Technology” and “Wireless Technology” to provide the best solutions for lighting, electrical control and home security industries, while gradually enriches the wireless kinetic products.

EBELONG also works with Tuya and Huawei HiLink to develop new products to realize the smart linkage with wireless kinetic switch and the loT Smart Home, and completely change the control methods of smart home.

EBELONG Self-powered switch

EBELONG not only provides the solutions for multiple house scenarios and industry applications, also returns to the fundamentals of manufacturing industry to focus on product quality. Carefully crafted and strive to ensure that every detail is tightly fitted to ensure that every product shipped from the factory can withstand the scrutiny of the market and time.

Mr.Liu, CEO of EBELONG, was invited to accept an on-site interview from ZHIJIA TOUTIAO, sharing the development opportunities and future directions of wireless kinetic switches that apply in real estate, lighting, smart home and environmental protection.


Your every press is to make contribution to the “Green World”, EBELONG smart switch does not need battery and wiring.

EBELONG Wireless kinetic switch

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