Self-powered wireless switches dominate the home

With the advancement of science and technology, our pursuit of quality of life is constantly improving. We used to imagine that we can control the lights and electrical appliances at home by speaking by ourselves, and even everything. If there is an idea, there will always be a realization. I am very happy to tell you that now. Self-powered wireless switches are easier to implement in such smart homes.

smart home and self-powered switch

The self-powered wireless switch is a switch that does not need to be connected to a wire or a battery. It uses self-powered technology to generate electrical energy through the kinetic energy of our hands, and then convert it into a signal to send out.

The core of the self-powered switch is the internal micro-energy harvesting module, which is the key to wireless control.

Ebelong has spent a lot of effort in the research and development and production of wireless self-powered products. It has a total of 300 invention patents and obtained invention patents in the United States, the European Union, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, and other countries. The certifications obtained are FCC, UL, CE, SAA, CCC, ETL, and other certifications.

Ebelong's self-powered technology invention patent and quality certification

What can be controlled by a self-powered wireless switch?

1. Common wireless lighting control, easy to achieve dual control or multiple control;

2. Wireless control of gates, garage doors, and curtains;

3. It can be used as a launch button for an emergency call, small and exquisite, convenient to carry;

4. The launch button of the wireless doorbell, the remote control button of the smart socket;

Different application scenarios of self-powered wireless switches

The self-powered wireless switch of Ebelong follows your local usage standards very much, supports OEM and ODM, and retains your style of use. Thanks for reading!

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