Say goodbye to tedious wiring, smart control at will

In my memory, before the appearance of wall switches, people generally used pull-wire switches to realize the initial control operation of electric lights by pulling the light cord. This is also a childhood memory of many people. At that time, in order to switch the lights more conveniently, they often extended the drawstring to the side of the bed so that the lights could be turned on and off even when lying on the bed.

With the popularity of ordinary wall switches, pull-wire switches have long since faded out of the home market. Wall switches have improved the aesthetics of the wall and are more durable. However, if you want to operate the wall and the bedside at the same time, you need to install the wiring at the same time. Even more, in the decoration design, consider that the furniture cannot block the switch position.

Traditional switches require slotted wiring

Therefore, Ebelong has launched a single live wire smart switch and a matching wireless self-powered switch. Through linkage and cooperation, more flexible control can be achieved.

Simple appearance, hidden mystery

Single fire wall switch

From the front, the single live wire smart switch adopts a white shell, which can be integrated into the wall, simple and generous, and the connection point of the product is on the back. Since the equipment uses a single live wire to obtain power and control the switch, ordinary mechanical switches can be replaced in situ. Wiring will become more convenient, you can install it yourself when you buy it home; single live wire smart switch has three models of a single button, double button, and three buttons, and supports the control of one-way, two-way, and three-way lights. At first glance, the appearance of the device is no different from the ordinary wall switches on the market, but the plain appearance actually hides the mystery. The single live wire smart switch has a built-in wireless communication module, which is used in conjunction with the Ebelong wireless self-powered switch. Can realize remote control switch through a wireless signal.

Self-powered switches are divided into three product forms, single-button, double-button, and three-button. The reason why it is called a wireless self-powered switch is that the switch does not need to be installed and can be attached to the wall, bedside, living room, and other scenes. The slim device attached to the wall will not affect the appearance at all. What’s even more amazing is that the wireless switch does not need an external power supply or battery at all. It can work when the button is pressed to generate electricity, and there is no worry about running out of battery.

Replacement installation, easy to get

Single fire wall switch for easy modification

Connect the two wires (power live wire and light wire) that were originally connected to the ordinary switch to the wiring point of the single live wire smart switch. Turn on the power at this time to complete the control of the light through the single live wire smart switch.

Wireless pairing

Self-powered wireless switch is easy to pair

Turn on the power of the device, press and hold the button of the single live wire smart switch, and wait until the light flickers to enter the distribution network state. At this time, press the button of the self-powered switch to realize the wireless control of the light. The operation is very simple.

Of course, there will be some special scenes in our daily use. For example, before the user goes to bed at night, how to turn off the lights at the same time without knowing the state of the lights in the living room? At this time, we need to use the directional mode of the self-generating switch. Long press the single live wire switch. When the light flashes, press the self-generating switch four times within one second. At this time, the device will enter the directional mode. As long as the button of the self-generating switch is pressed, the light is turned off. “The two-position switch of the two-position self-generation switch corresponds to “on” and “off.” Before the user goes out or goes to bed, and no longer sees the light, just press the button corresponding to the directional mode to complete the “open” or “close” operation.

In the smart home system, smart single products are not alone but connected through the network. The Ebelong smart single firewire switch is no exception. The product can be connected with other products through the smart gateway of Ebelong to form a smart home. Scene form. Through the linkage of multiple products, more and richer control modes are realized.

One-key control, multiple ways to play

Wireless self-powered switch smart home application

Generally, the remote-operated switches on the market either select the wiring to be energized or have their own batteries inside the switch. The former requires wiring inside the wall is very troublesome, although the latter does not require wiring inside the wall, the battery needs to be replaced every once in a while. The self-powered switch of Ebelong does not need to connect the line or install the battery. When the user presses the switch, the mechanical energy generated at the moment will be automatically converted into electrical energy to power the device, send a control signal, and remotely control the single live wire switch to control the light. This method not only saves the trouble of wiring but also avoids environmental pollution caused by the use of batteries.

For the switch of a wireless device, the user’s most concern is its control distance. If the control distance is too short, the meaning of remote operation will be lost. After testing, we can steadily complete the control of the light after opening the self-powered switch more than ten meters away. Therefore, the user does not need to worry about the inconvenience caused by the distance too far during use, and can even complete the remote control of the downstairs lights through the wireless self-power switch upstairs.

The wireless self-powered switch has three product forms: single button, double button, and three buttons, so the playability of the device is greatly increased. Let’s take the double button as an example. The user can set the button on the left to connect to the light in the bedroom, and the button on the right to connect to the light in the living room. When the user is ready to go to bed after washing, he can operate the living room and bedroom at the same time through the two buttons of the device. The lamp is simple and convenient.

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