Yuba control motherboard maintenance, is it more cost-effective to upgrade directly

What should I do if the Yuba control board burns? Repair, can you do that?

Yuba control motherboard maintenance, is it more cost-effective to upgrade directly

In fact, there are several solutions, depending on the specific situation.

1. The Yuba control motherboard is upgraded for manufacturers.

In fact, today’s Yuba is more traditional, Yuba manufacturers can consider upgrading the Yuba control motherboard and Yuba switches so that the Yuba’s grade will be improved. In this way, the Yuba has greater advantages, and users prefer it.

The use of Ebelong Yuba control motherboard and wireless kinetic switch can easily upgrade the Yuba grade. The switch does not need wiring or batteries, and it also has the advantages of IP67 waterproof and anti-electric shock, OEM, and ODM customization, and can also support voice and mobile APP wireless Control, see your needs.

2. If the Yuba control motherboard is burned, replace it with a new one or repair it. (For the user), see the actual situation.

(1) Yuba exhaust fan is damaged

Under normal circumstances, it needs to be removed to check the problem before you can determine the cause. Generally, it may be that the motor is stuck at the shaft center for a long time. You can try it by turning it in hand. The main reason for this is that it is usually used less frequently and is in a humid environment with water vapor for a long time, which will easily cause the shaft to be stuck. For safety reasons, it is recommended to replace the exhaust fan as soon as possible.

(2) The motor does not rotate

Basically, there is no problem with the resistance type. The problem usually occurs on the motor. There are two main reasons: one is that the line is broken, and the other is that the motor is burned out. As for the problem of judging whether the motor is a resistor, it can only be removed by removing it. Inspection can only be judged, or you can add some lubricant after removing it to eliminate the problem.

3. Replace with a new Yuba directly.

Replacing a Yuba with the Ebelong Yuba control panel and wireless kinetic energy switch is relatively simple and convenient to install and use, and it is durable.

Ebelong M2 Yuba wireless switch

In short, if you want to upgrade the Yuba control board, you can use the Ebelong Yuba control board and the wireless kinetic energy switch combination, which will improve the grade of the Yuba, no wiring, no battery, IP67 waterproof, anti-electric shock, and other advantages.

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