Is the LED bar controller easy to use

Recently, many friends around me suddenly asked me whether the LED light bar controller is easy to use? Therefore, I guess there are still many friends who haven’t touched this type of controller. Next, let’s analyze it with Ebelong smart controller.

The R&D and production of Ebelong’s controller are to cooperate with the wireless self-powered switch to achieve the effect of wireless control of lights, which is an indispensable application in smart homes.

wireless self-powered and LED bar controller

The controller is connected to the LED light bar, and the controller can be installed internally or externally, for example, it can be placed on the ceiling, in an electric box, or in a wire slot.

C1206 controller is installed in the electric box

The smart controller has a dimming effect, safety, low power consumption, convenient installation, and cost-saving.

The control distance of the LED light bar controller is 25m indoors and 80m outdoors. It is easy to realize dual control and multi-control, as long as the wireless self-powered switch and the controller are signals paired, it is very convenient to install and modify, and the LED light bar controller is quite easy to use.

smart controller and wireless switch control distance is long

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