Is there a wireless switch for use with LED lights

Many families are still using traditional wiring light switches. With the improvement of the quality of life, a variety of lights emerge in an endless stream. There are more friends who want to know about the use of LED lights with wireless switches, so by the engineer of Ebelong Let’s analyze it briefly with everyone.

Is there a wireless switch for use with LED lights

To be clear, whether it is LED or other electric lights or electrical appliances, it can be used with wireless switches. Because the wireless switch does not require wiring and does not require a battery, a controller is needed to cooperate with the wireless switch. The controller is connected to the light, and the smart switch and the controller can be used by matching a signal.

It is estimated that some of my friends do not know the wireless switch very well. How does it make the light turn on if it is not connected to the wire?

When you understand the working principle of the wireless switch, you will know how to control the state of the light. Ebelong wireless switch is a kind of wireless kinetic energy switch developed and produced by using self-powered technology. It uses the kinetic energy generated when our hand presses the switch. The controller transmits a signal to the electric light.

Working principle of self-powered switch

Is there any convenience for the wireless switch?

It has many convenient places, just mention a few points briefly.

1. There is no need to open the wall for wiring, which reduces dust and saves wire and labor costs;

2. The installation is simple and convenient, it can be fixed with screws, or 3M glue can be installed, and it can also be placed on the desktop at will;

3. Convenient installation and modification, easy to realize dual control or multiple control.

Self-powered switch can be placed on the desktop at will

In a word, it is a breeze to use LED lights with Ebelong wireless switches, and easily realize your smart home.

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