Are wireless self-powered light switches safe

The wireless self-powered light switch is a kind of smart light switch developed and produced by Ebelong with self-powered technology. Friends who have not touched this kind of product may have some doubts in their minds. Should they be wondering whether this wireless self-powered light switch is safe?

Are wireless self-powered light switches safe

It is normal to have such a safety issue. After all, who doesn’t worry about their personal safety? Here, I can tell you with certainty that the self-power generation technology of Ebelong is very mature, and the self-power generation products produced are of high quality and guaranteed.

There are more than 300 patents for self-power generation technology, and product quality certifications include CE, ROHS, REACH, FCC, ETL, KC, CCC, SAA, ISO9001.

Ebelong self-power generation technology patent certificate

1. The self-powered switch can prevent electric shock

Because it does not need to be connected to the wire, there is no battery inside the switch, and it does not directly contact strong electricity, so it is very safe.

2. The wireless kinetic energy switch also has a waterproof function

Switches like the S2 series are IP67 waterproof, especially suitable for bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor installation.

3. The wireless switch is easy to use

It can be held and placed like an air conditioner remote control, or fixed on the wall with screws, or pasted on the wall or glass with 3M glue. It is easy to install and move.

S2 series self-powered switch IP67 waterproof

In short, this wireless self-powered light switch is very safe. Friends can rest assured to use it. It supports OEM and ODM. I believe that with it, your home will become more intelligent. Thank you for viewing!

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