Installation and types of doorbell

In many high-end abodes, doorbells are quite common. The doorbell mainly serves as a reminder to remind the owner that there are guests outside. Certainly, sometimes because of problems with the layout of the doorbell, some mistakes are often made. In fact, in many cases, these problems should also be avoided. Therefore, at the beginning of the installation, the installation factors should be thoroughly known. What’s the best way to install a doorbell? How many types of doorbells are in the market?

Ebelong wireless doorbell

What’s the best way to install a doorbell

Depending on the situation, you can do as required, using the strong 3M sticker that comes with the doorbell to stick the doorbell on the door. You can also drill holes in the door or wall, and fix the doorbell with expansion screws. In terms of feng shui, the best way is to install it on the wall.

The placement of the doorbell in different positions has different functions on Feng Shui. More doorbells or a loud doorbell can benefit people’s careers and wealth. The position of the doorbell can actually be determined according to the person’s “fate”, such as “Yang”. The preferred orientations of “Yang” are southwest and true north, so the placement of doorbells in these two orientations is very conducive to one’s fortune, will be advantageous in terms of personal matters, and can also avoid the influence of bad luck.

Ebelong wireless self-powered doorbell

What are the doorbell types?

1. Traditional doorbell: The wired doorbell transmitter and receiver are connected by wires. The signal sent by the transmitter is transmitted to the receiver through the wire, so the signal is relatively stable and there will be no false ringing. However, it has gradually faded out of the market in recent years.

2. Wireless doorbell: The biggest feature of this doorbell is that it does not need to use batteries, so it will be more convenient and environmentally friendly to use. This battery-free wireless doorbell means that its transmitter uses energy capture technology, which can collect the energy when the user presses the doorbell button, and then convert it into electrical energy to drive the doorbell sounder to ring. Therefore, wireless doorbells are also called remote control doorbells. The wireless doorbell does not require wiring and is simple and flexible to install. Ebelong wireless kinetic doorbell is a good choice for customers.

Ebelong kinetic doorbell

Ebelong wireless kinetic doorbell has adopted the technology of wireless remote control, which refers to the realization of control of the controlled target non-contact, widely used in industrial control, aerospace, household appliances. Wireless remote control and wireless transmission systems offer greater mobility than wired and infrared devices. Therefore, wireless remote-control devices and wireless transmission systems are more and more applied in the industrial field. The advantages of cable connection are low installation cost (no wiring, no underground engineering, no cable trough), increased flexibility, and reduced maintenance costs.

Ebelong wireless kinetic energy doorbell has various ringtones

Ebelong doorbell transmitter uses micro-energy acquisition technology, using people’s finger press doorbell habit action, press energy into electrical energy, so as to drive wireless signal transmission. It is very convenient to install. The transmitter can be directly pasted on the wall or door with a receiver inserted into the socket. Moreover, its built-in self-electricity module can meet the IP67 waterproof standard, which is more than enough to cope with the various wet and complicated outdoor environments.

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