The self-powered wireless switch without slotting and wiring improves the quality of life to a level

It is time-consuming and labor-intensive to install the switch in the wire slot;

The switch position is not installed properly;

Forgot to turn off the light when I fell asleep while reading;

After going to bed, I don’t want to get out of bed and turn off the light;

Traditional switch wiring is difficult

Many people must have these troubles, but now they can all be solved easily!

This black technology switch is a self-powered wireless switch of Ebelong, a wireless smart switch that combines talent and beauty!

S2 wireless switch and controller

Interesting soul one in a million

Ebelong smart switch is divided into two parts: switch and receiver.

The receiver is small in size and can be easily embedded in the luminaire. Support various types of lamps, including energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, tube lamps, group lamps, dining room, bedroom, living room lamps, etc.

Single control multi-control free pairing

Connect it to realize single-control multi-control free pairing!

Control a light? no problem! Control two lights? No problem!

You can match it any way you want, and you can divide it into different matches according to your own habits.

For example, set up a fully open and fully closed door at the door of the living room, which can be fully closed with one button when you go out, so as not to waste a penny at home.

Strong signal transmission of self-powered switch

Invincible Wall Piercing

The partition wall can also be remotely controlled, so there is no need to worry about the signal problem due to the barrier of the wall.

The circuit uses a very low power chip to convert the weak pressing energy into a control signal. It supports a wireless control distance of 80 meters in an open environment and a control distance of 25 meters in a wall-through environment. It can meet various home lighting control scenes.

The self-powered switch can also be remotely controlled through the wall

Get rid of wire control, remote control as you like

The installation must be embedded in the wall?

It depends on your mood. If you want to fix it and you are afraid of losing it, you can embed one, although you don’t have to embed it on the wall, on the table, bedside, behind the door, etc., you can post it wherever you want!

If I, like the author and me, have a late stage of lazy cancer, it would be better. Put a master switch in the living room and carry the rest with you. Take it wherever you go!

Self-powered switch to get rid of wire control

Smart APP remote control

There is also a disadvantage of wherever you go. If you have a bad memory, you can easily forget where you put it!

But it’s okay. Modern people who regard their mobile phones as their fate will never forget their mobile phones. As long as they download the control center app on their mobile phones, they can realize remote control, switch light scene definitions, anytime, anywhere, whatever they want.

P1 self-powered switch
APP control wireless switch

Self-powered principle

Someone asked: Will there be no electricity if there is no connection? The TV remote control also needs batteries!

Ebelong is a leading company in the industry that applies energy harvesting technology to the smart home field.

The core of the self-powered wireless switch is energy harvesting, which converts the weak kinetic energy of the finger pressing the switch into electrical energy to drive the transmission of wireless signals. The principle is actually very simple, that is, cutting the magnetic induction line for energy collection, but because the energy of the finger pressing the switch is very weak, it is necessary to solve the problem of energy utilization efficiency if it is to be truly implemented in product applications.

For energy harvesting technology, Ebelong Technology, which has independently developed this technology and put it into application, has completely independent technical patents. Currently, the products that have been on the market include self-powered wireless doorbells, self-powered wireless switches, etc.

Working principle of self-powered switch

Having said that, the point is to tell everyone:

With this self-powered wireless switch, there is no need for wiring, slotting fees and wire fees are all saved, and the quality of life can be improved. Why not use the home to adjust the taste of life?

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