Self-powered wireless switch, “remote control” without battery

The development of society confirms that it will be a natural law of development from tedious to simple. Ebelong’s self-powered wireless switch does not require wiring or battery. Through energy harvesting technology, the mechanical energy of the button is converted into electrical energy. Through the matching receiver, the multi-channel wireless control of the lamp can be realized. With a self-powered wireless switch, “Ge Youlie” is not a dream.

Self-powered wireless switch, "remote control" without battery

1. No need for batteries, permanent battery life.

This self-powered remote control switch uses energy harvesting technology to convert the energy of the user pressing the switch into electrical energy, which is used to drive the internal radio module to send wireless signals, and the wireless circuit control of the lamps is realized through the use of the receiver.

No need for batteries, permanent battery life

2. Small size, easy to install and easy to use.

The remote control switch panel is small and exquisite, tear off the double-sided adhesive on the back of the mounting base, and stick the base to the wall (installing the base on a metal surface will affect the transmission distance). The switch panel can be used as a wall switch on the base or used as a remote control.

Small size, easy to install and easy to use

3. Strong penetrating power, can penetrate the wall.

The receiving frequency of the wireless receiver is 433MHz, the effective transmission distance is 30m, and it can penetrate the wall for wireless signal transmission.

Strong penetrating power, can penetrate the wall

4. Good safety and long service life.

The passive wireless switch is perfectly combined with material and technology, and the key life can reach 100,000 times; the relay is closed at the zero-crossing point, effectively reducing the impact current, safer to use, and longer life.

Good safety and long service life

Ebelong supports customized self-powered wireless switches and other self-powered wireless products.

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