Green wireless self-powered switch for house decoration has come into being

Green is the theme of the world, advocate green, realize environmental protection, Ebelong wireless self-powered switch is good to realize green and reduce energy consumption.

Green wireless self-powered switch for house decoration has come into being

Ebelong wireless self-powered switch is developed and produced by micro-energy harvesting technology, no need to chisel the wall wiring, no batteries, IP67 level waterproof, anti-electricity, easy multi-control, wireless intelligent remote control (voice and mobile APP), multi-platform, multi-protocol, simple installation, easy to move, and support customization.

Green wireless self-powered switch for house decoration has come into being

How to do environmental housing home improvement?

How to achieve greenhouse home and community decoration?

How to achieve green when decorating the office?

The company has always advocated environmentally friendly decoration, design, focus, and creativity to create a green and harmonious office environment, dedicated to the majority of homeowners and friends to provide the ideal decoration services, the following take a look at how to achieve green when office decoration.

Office renovation, according to the environmental standards of building materials, construction selection of pressure-resistant, high temperature, high sealing, durable and other performance of building materials and accessories, waterproofing projects, are generally used is the waterproofing factor, and environmental protection coefficient of high-quality environmental protection waterproof, while having ductility, fracture resistance, high-temperature resistance, elasticity, water resistance and other properties to ensure stable engineering quality, environmental protection.

Lead customers low-carbon office decoration design concept, from the design source gatekeeper, to achieve low-carbon design, simple and fashionable, green, integration, storage of a variety of needs representative of the decoration design style, Ebelong wireless self-powered switch application which can well reduce the workload and reduce energy consumption.

The use of ecological processes, such as office decoration, not only meets the needs of survival and aesthetics but also meets the needs of safety and health. To create a pollution-free, pollution-free, sustainable, and contribute to your healthy indoor environment for our customers.

We strive to be environmentally friendly in design, material selection, and construction to provide a healthy and safe office environment for our customers and to create a green and harmonious office atmosphere.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

Green is the concept of our contemporary people decorating the house, how does it?

Now people’s living conditions are better, but pollution is getting more and more serious, so more and more people are starting to mention environmental protection and decoration, which can give their homes a healthy living environment. Everyone should plan well in advance when decorating. When planning, we should be as simple as possible and use as few man-made boards as possible. For example, the formaldehyde content in joinery (also known as large core boards) is very high. In planning, we should try to minimize the appearance of joinery as a base material and furniture.

When planning, the circulation of indoor air should also be fully considered, because the formaldehyde in paints and emulsion paints produced by standard manufacturers must be released through ventilation within a certain period of time, and its content will be lower than the specified standard. If the room planning is closed and ventilation is not good, it is not conducive to cleaning harmful substances. The renovation of a new house requires the use of various building materials. Many materials contain pollutants. In order to make the home more environmentally friendly, we should try to choose environmentally friendly materials when decorating, such as formaldehyde-free adhesives, joinery, and decorative boards, which can reduce pollution, and Ebelong Wireless Self-Powered Switch application which can be good for reducing workload and lowering energy consumption.

Paint is an essential material in the mural, in which the content of benzene is very high. If you choose environmentally friendly water-based paints and use less colored paints, you can greatly reduce the harm of benzene. When choosing materials, we must pay attention to whether there is a green mark for environmentally friendly products, and try to choose materials with little smell. There is a wide range of flooring materials to choose from, such as floor tiles, natural stone, wood flooring, carpets, etc. Floor tiles usually have no pollution, but natural stone is used in large areas of the room. You should choose a plate that does not contain radioactive elements after inspection. Before choosing laminate flooring or chemical fiber carpet, you should check the corresponding products carefully. If solid wood flooring is used, a flooring adhesive with a low organic emission rate should be chosen.

Stone will be chosen for the top of the kitchen cabinets, while the quality of the stone can easily be overlooked. Although the stone is taken from nature, we must be aware of its radioactive effects. Natural stone has a high level of radioactivity. When purchasing, we must look at the dealer’s test report, which is a guarantee of our own health. The furniture placed on the floor and walls is one of the most common contacts in everyday life. Choosing green furniture is like adding a few environmental guards to ensure our healthy life.

Adopting green solutions in many aspects, Ebelong provides wireless self-powered switch wireless control solutions!

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