How to make garden lighting control more stable?

Garden lighting become more and more important in daily life, people could enjoy themselves with family or friends in the evening in their garden with proper lighting. So stable, easy control, and easy installation are significant for garden lighting.

How to make garden lighting control more stable

With weatherproof kinetic switch S2 series and controller, no matter the lights are DC or AC, we could offer you a great solution in a very good price-performance ratio.

And with our garden lighting control solution, you can solve many problems including.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

1. Part of the garden lighting is not working. In traditional wiring, it is able to happen in any position, need to dig out all wires to check and reconnect, which could break the layout of the garden and ruin your mood. With Ebelong’s wireless solution, no more broken operation, just check controllers one by one.

2. Garden lighting timer is not working. If the garden lights are not working, it may be because of the disfunction of the timer. It is terrible to go outside to reset it on very cold or rainy days in the traditional way. With Ebelong’s wireless solution, you can just reset your app.

3. Hard to expand the garden light. People need to consider many factors to expand their garden lights like position, operation difficulty, installation cost, compatibility, etc. With Ebelong’s wireless solution, it is just a case of adding one more controller, you can even control these new garden lights by the former kinetic switch.

Garden light switch

Garden lights do not only improve the beauty of your house but also make it safer. Good garden lighting is easier to see pathways, steps, and other parts of the garden during the night. At the same time, thieves will not dare to enter a house that the garden with bright light.

To have better control of this, Ebelong’s solution will never let your down.

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