Outdoor IP67 waterproof battery-free wireless light switch reduces electrician workload

Why do outdoor IP67 waterproof and battery-free wireless light switches reduce the workload of electricians?

1. What technology is used by Ebelong wireless light switch manufacturers to develop and produce?

A new type of wireless light switch was developed and produced using micro-energy harvesting self-powered technology.

2. Working principle of wireless light switch

The principle of self-powered technology is to rely on the kinetic energy generated at the moment when the switch is pressed by hand, convert it into electrical energy, send a signal through the internal module, and the controller receives the signal to control the state of the lamp.

3. What benefits will the use of IP67 waterproof and battery-free wireless light switches outdoors bring electricians and users?

Outdoor IP67 waterproof battery-free wireless light switch reduces electrician workload


1. Eliminates the difficult outdoor wiring links;

2. Easily realize multi-control one, one-control multi-scene;

3. It is easy to realize modification and installation, dual control and multi-control;

4. The garden lights can be wirelessly controlled in different areas, and there is no problem with one opening and all opening, and one closing all closing;

5. The outdoor wireless control distance is 80 meters;

6. Wireless, no battery, waterproof, easy to deal with maintenance problems later;

wireless kinetic switch

User side:

1. The switch does not need wiring, so there will be no disordered wiring in the garden, and there will be no problem of aging and electric shock of the water inlet line of the switch on rainy days. The switch is electric shock-proof.

2. If the battery is not used, there is no problem that the switch cannot be used after the battery is out of power. The battery needs to be replaced and the waste battery is disposed of.

3. The wireless light switch supports screw fixation, 3M glue sticking fixation, and unfixed switch position, which can be determined according to your actual use. There is no need to introduce the screw fixation; it is pasted with 3M glue. Later, it is found that this position is not in line with the usage habits. It can be removed and changed at any time, which is very convenient. Every corner depends on your own needs. Of course, it is best to remember where you put it, otherwise, it will be embarrassing to find it next time.

4. Wireless light control in different areas, it is very convenient to open or close the area you want to operate, and accurately control the light in a certain location in the garden.

Wireless light switches are placed at will

In short, this outdoor IP67 waterproof and battery-free wireless light switch is a new product developed and produced by the manufacturer of Ebelong using micro-energy harvesting self-generating technology. It does not require wiring or batteries and relies on kinetic energy to generate electricity. Features.

This Ebelong outdoor wireless switch is very suitable for use in outdoor gardens and other scenarios. It can control the lights of multiple lines separately. The switch does not need wiring, no battery, and the installation method can be fixed. 3M glue sticks to fix or not fix the switch position. The user saves the trouble of replacing the battery and can control the corresponding lights separately. The master electrician reduces the workload of installing the line and easily installs and configures the switch.

Wireless light switch multi-scene application

It supports OEM and ODM batch customization according to your local usage habits and is also a key wireless control product for smart home implementation. For more details, please contact us.

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