What is the convenience of wireless kinetic switch in real application

It is estimated that many friends are still unclear about what is the wireless kinetic switch of Ebelong? To what extent is it convenient in a real application?

What is the convenience of wireless kinetic switch in real application

First, we should briefly understand the working principle and structure of the wireless kinetic switch

The working principle is the use of micro-energy harvesting technology research and development production, press the power transmission signal, the benefits of many of the following in detail.

The structure is very simple: power generation module, waterproof silicone, spring, shell, cover, transmission device, PCBA. what are the different functions of the wireless kinetic switch composed of these parts?

What is the special difference between Ebelong wireless kinetic switch and other switches, let’s take a look, right?

1. the wireless kinetic switch does not require wiring, eliminating materials and labor, also reducing pollution, easy to install and use.

2. It also doesn’t use batteries, Ebelong switch relies on pressing to generate electricity.

3. electrocution prevention, because no wiring and no batteries are needed, it will be safe for the elderly and children to use, especially in wet areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors, swimming pools, and other areas are very safe.

4. with IP67 level waterproof, wireless kinetic switch waterproof performance is good, very suitable for use in wet areas, safe and durable.

5. wireless intelligent remote control, support multi-platform use, multi-protocol, voice and cell phone APP control.

6. easy multi-control, good at new installation, retrofitting, and modification.

7. Diversified installation methods of wireless kinetic switches, fixed, remote control type, 3M adhesive fixed, unsatisfactory installation position, easy to move at any time.

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch

Ebelong wireless kinetic switch supports OEM and ODM customization, want to know more, welcome to follow us, thanks!

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